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iExplorer v4.1.3.5 Update Crack


Software Description: iExplorer v4.1.3.5 Update Full Crack

iExplorer transforms the experience of browsingand managing the contents of your Apple product by establishing aneasier-to-work-with connection between the device and yourcomputer.
This new type of connection makes it more accessible as data isdisplayed like on any other portable device such as a USB flashdrive. Thus, you can drag and drop items to and from your iPhone,iPod or iPad with the utmost ease.
iExplorer works with both iOS and non-iOS products and it alsomakes it possible for you to connect and manage several devicessimultaneously. The clean and well-organized interface wraps up agreat set of tools for managing media, applications, backups orbookmarks as well as messages, address book, notes, calendar, voicemails or call history.

It also provides disk mounting as an alternative method tomanipulate data on your devices, while the export menus round upthe available options for read and write file access. iExplorerdoes not require Jailbreak as it uses iTunes’ connection procedurethat makes transfers as safe as possible.
The program goes beyond typical browsing by providing you with theability to manage your apps’ directories in order to facilitate theediting of your user-created files. iExplorer brings gesturesupport just to make browsing content more fun as well aspreviewing capabilities that allow you to look for any anomaly thatmay occur before you start the transfer.
Bookmarks come in very handy by storing fast connections toimportant folders. iExplorer does not stop here and also featuresQuick Look support for browsing document files or watch video clipswithout even opening them, straight from your Apple device. Theapplication can also be configured, allowing you to select themedia transfer directory, the iTunes library location or metadatadetails to be included whenever a transfer takes place.
iExplorer brings the right set of tools to the table, whilepresenting them in an elegant interface. With this witty piece ofsoftware, you can manage every little thing on your Apple devices.Its efficient and intuitive take on tasks regardless of theirnature make it a top program in its category and a very usefulcompanion for any iPhone, iPod or iPad owner.

Here are some key Features of “iExplorer”:
– iPhone, iPad & Pod Compatible:
    iExplorer is compatible with all iPhones, iPadsand iPod Touches. This includes iOS device and non-iOS devices.iPhone 4S, the new iPad, iPod Classic, iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPodShuffle, etc… You can connect multiple devices at the sametime

– Read & Write File Access:
    Transferring files and folders to or from yourdevice couldn’t be easier with iExplorer. With drag drop support,export menus and even disk mounting you can manage your files anyway you like.

– File Transfer Status:
    From progress bars, to busy messages, to filetransfer history, iExplorer’s got it all so you’ll know what’sgoing on while you’re doing it and what changes you’ve made.

– Bookmark Folders:
    Bookmark your favorite directories just bydragging them into the bookmarks folder where they can easily beopened later.

– Beautiful Crafted Native Interface:
    Whether you’re on a Mac or PC, you’ll noticethat iExplorer offers you the native feel of your operating system.That’s because we made each app separately using latest Cocoa SDKfor Mac and and new Windows Presentation Framework for Windows.

– No Jailbreak or Device Changes Needed:
    Worried about bricking your iPhone? Don’t be!iExplorer easily connects to your iPhone in the same ways as iTunesso there’s no risky hacking required.

– Gesture Support:
    Got used to using two-finger swipes to go backand forward in your browser history? So did we, so we’ve built ingesture support.

– Preview Everything on iPhone:
    Preview files on your device prior totransferring. View images and videos, preview songs, and more.

– Quick Look Support:
    Use your Mac’s native Quick Look to easily viewyour device’s files before sending them over to your computer.

– App Directory Browsing:
    With iExplorer’s app directory access, you canread/write important files that you’ve created within an app oreven view and modify the data files of the app itself (this oftenincludes the high score data, or your character info and fun thingsof that sort).

Installer Size: 23.24 MB

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