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iTunes Folder Watch v2.1.14 Crack


Software Description: iTunes Folder Watch v2.1.14 Keygen Serial

iTunes Folder Watch synchronizes your localfiles with the ones on your iTunes. It allows you to set up “WatchFolders” and to evaluate whether there are any new tracks in themwhich do not exist in iTunes, and allows you to add themselectively or fully automatically.
Are you frustrated that iTunes does not automatically detect newtracks in certain nominated folders and add them to the libraryautomatically?
iTunes Folder Watch can be run as a taskbar process and so willContinully monitor the watch folders. You can also run iTunesFolder Watch in the foreground if you want.

Here are some key features of “iTunes FolderWatch”:
-Easy setup and clear-cut GUI:
Setting up the app is a fast and simple job that doesn’t requirespecial attention. It’s wrapped in a user-friendly interface madefrom a standard window split into multiple panes, dedicated to thefolders monitor, new tracks detection, exclusions, and programconfiguration.

– Set monitored directories and exclusions:
You can include as many watch folders as you want, as well asinclude or exclude subdirectories. From this point on, iTunesFolder Watch automatically checks them for new songs and adds themto the iTunes library with minimum effort.

– Configure program preferences:
It’s possible to manually check for new tracks anytime, and excludeany subfolders from the given directories. The tool can be asked toautomatically add the new tracks without your intervention, beginbackground monitoring on each system startup, check for dead tracksas soon as it gets launched, as well as add folders to exclusionsright after importing them to avoid detecting them as newagain.
Plus, you can modify the checkup frequency, create a list withaudio extensions to take into account, change the default iTunesXML location, resolve drive mappings, and so on.

– Evaluation and conclusion:
No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the applicationdidn’t freeze or crash. It left a small footprint on systemresources, using low CPU and RAM. Help documentation isavailable.
Taking into account its advanced and straightforward options,iTunes Folder Watch delivers a convenient solution to all userslooking to automatically add all new songs from a monitoreddirectory to the iTunes library.

Installer Size: 0.376 MB

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