Tue. Nov 30th, 2021
KLS Backup 2017 Professional v9.0.2.8 Crack


Software Description: KLS Backup 2017 Professional v9.1.0.2 x86/x64 + Full Crack

KLS Backup 2015 is a powerful backup andsynchronization program that allows you to backup or synchronizeyour data to local and network drives, cloud storage or CD/DVDmedia. The backup files can be stored uncompressed or compressed instandard Zip or 7z format.
KLS Backup 2015 can backup: files and folders from local drives,network locations or cloud storage, databases, mail boxes and otherapplication specific data (profiles). Advanced version management,makes possible to find and restore any backup version withinseconds. The synchronization feature allows you to easilysynchronize the contents of two different folders.

Key Features:
– Easy-to-use but powerful integrated workspace
– Backup data from local and network drives, cloud storage, SFTP,FTP and WebDAV servers
– Backup of databases (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL) and applicationdata (Outlook, Thunderbird)
– Backup to local and network drives, SFTP, FTP and WebDAV servers,CD/DVD media
– Windows Azure Amazon S3 OpenStack Eucalyptus
– Backup to cloud: Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage,OpenStack Object Storage, Eucalyptus Walrus
– Full, incremental and differential backups
– Backup of open files and NTFS permissions
– Highly configurable backup profiles and plugins
– Standard Zip compression, Zip64 support, 7z and a customencryption format
– Powerful archive management and search functions
– Selective restore of files and folders to original or customlocations
– Secure archives with AES encryption, SSL/TLS support for remotetransfers
– Two-way file synchronization engine with version support
– Automated backups with the build-in scheduler service
– Detailed backup logs, E-Mail notifications and WindowsApplication Log support
– Command Line Interface (Console)
– Compatible with Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2

Installer Size: 42 + 32 MB

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