Wed. Nov 30th, 2022
Magic NTFS Recovery v2.8 Crack


Software Description: Magic NTFS Recovery v2.8 Keygen Crack

Magic NTFS Recovery offers a quick, easy way toreliably recover information from badly damaged, corrupted andinaccessible disks and partitions. From simple undelete tobit-precise restoration of affected disk system structures, MagicNTFS Recovery can handle any type of data recovery jobs. Fullyautomated performance, quick and comprehensive recovery modes withsmart content-aware analysis make Magic NTFS Recovery a winner.
Magic NTFS Recovery delivers all features offered by Magic’stop-of-the-line product, Magic Partition Recovery, except theability to restore FAT and FAT32 media. As Windows XP, Vista andWindows 8 will format new disks with NTFS and will only run on NTFSpartitions, Magic NTFS Recovery is a true bargain at only half theprice of the company’s flagship tool.

Here are some key features of “Magic NTFSRecovery”:
Magic NTFS Recovery effectively handles hard disks, flash and SSDdrives with major issues. The tool can reliably locate and recoversdeleted files and data missing on damaged partitions, optionallyrebuilding the damaged disk complete with original files and folderstructure.
– Recovering Files and Data
 – Unerases deleted files from healthy, formatted and damagedNTFS partitions;
 – Quick scan mode undeletes files in minutes;
 – Comprehensive mode features trademark content-awareanalysis for in-depth recovery.

– Rebuilding Disks and Partitions
 – Refurbishes damaged partitions by rebuilding the filesystem based on information collected with content-awareanalysis;
 – Restores formatted partitions and repartitioned drives;
 – Recovers media to “as new” state perfect for long-termuse.

Installer Size: 14.6 MB

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