Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 v6.0.404.1055 Crack


Software Description: MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2011 v6.0.404.1055 Crack

MAGIX PC Check &Tuning is a professional application designedto increas your computer performance. According toindependent tests, PCs that are used extensively show signs ofslowing down after only a few months. PC Check & Tuning managedto increase the performance of test devices by up to 300%,achieving results that were nearly equal to their originalperformance.

More speed – Less problems – Long-lastingperformance In one step, the program analyzes the computer, detectsproblems, and removes them all on its own. Easy-to-understand menusalso increase computer performance and save memory and power.License for up to 3 PCs! You can install PC Check & Tuning 2011on your home PC, your notebook computer and the PC of anotherfamily member. This way, you can increase the performance of up tothree PCs in your household! 

Software update – Updates outdated software! Outdated programs onyour PC pose a considerable security risk. PC Check & Tuning2011 creates a list of all of the software programs installed onyour PC, checks whether they are up-to-date and whether newversions are available. Thanks to the direct connection of thesoftware update function to a comprehensive software catalog, newversions can be downloaded immediately and security gapsclosed. 

Power saving scheme – Reduced power consumption and longer batterylife! Applications that run in the background often waste a lot ofpower. The MAGIX power saving scheme provides access to hiddenWindows power saving functions. You can reduce your computer’spower consumption by up to 15 percent. Benefit from longer batterylife on your notebook computer and use power more efficiently.

Depending on your needs and workflow, you can choose betweendifferent power profiles, which allow you to regulate your powerconsumption more efficiently. An easy-to-understand color chartvisualizes your energy demand and immediately displays any changesthat have been made

Installer Size: 199 MB

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