Sun. May 28th, 2023
nLite v1.4.9.3 For Windows XP Crack


Software Description: nLite v1.4.9.3 For Windows XP Keygen Crack

nLite is a GUI for permanent Windows componentremoval by your choice.
After removal there is an option to make bootable image ready forburning on cd or testing in virtual machines.
With nLite you will be able to have Windows installation which oninstall doesn’t include, or even contain on cd, unwantedcomponents.
Mainly, it’s a little bit of a slipstreamer, customizer, reducerand iso creator all in one package.
Quick overview :
1. Slipstream – After you extract it to any folder and ran it, youcan browse and point to folder on hard drive which contains yourWindows installation.

If you pointed to right folder with i386 in it and Windows idfiles, nLite will detect if you have already slipstreamed SP1 orSP2, and if not it will change Browse button to Slipstream, whenpressed it asks for Service Pack installation file (or update.exeif you extracted it). Then it Slipstreams it passively. Or you canconfigure your existing version without slipstreaming.
2. Customize/Reduce – Choose which components to remove from yourWindows installation permanently. It’s version independent, it’spossible because I’m not using filelists, well, allmost. There isonly an inf-filelist which then gets parsed for used files, so ~95%of file names are automatically generated from your own inf’s. Theother 5% are manually added. Most likely nLite will work withfuture versions of Windows XP without any problem.
3. Advanced Options – Make sure to keep Data directory with nLiteand all the files in it unrenamed. Added automatic hacking ofsyssetup.dll for OOBE disabling (if you choose to remove it, thiswill not crack Activation). SFC is entirely disabled too simply bycopying hacked dll from Data and adjusting registry. Many optionsto add in the future, priority so far was on reduction issues.
4. Make ISO – This section is using external file datacdimage.exewhich I believe don’t need introducing. When reduction processfinishes you can copy additional files to installation directoryand then press Make ISO, it will ask you for desired ISO name andlocation.

Here are some key features of “nLite”:
– Service Pack Integration
– Component Removal
– Unattended Setup
– Driver Integration
– Hotfixes Integration
– Tweaks
– Patches
– Bootable ISO creation

Installer Size: 7.9 + 9.7 + 3 MB

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