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PCBoost v5.10.4.2016 Crack


Software Description: PCBoost v5.10.4.2016 Crack Serial

Squeezing every drop of performance out of your computer is onlypossible if you turn to an advanced software solution able toassist you in this regard, and we all know the market is full ofsuch tools.

This is also the case of PCBoost, a very simpleapplication that was designed for a simple purpose: help usersboost computer performance quick and easy.

And although you may be tricked into believing that you’redealing with an extraordinary tool when first looking at itsprofessional interface, just spend a minute to see what it’s upto.

The main window presents a detailed graph with free and used CPU,but also reveals the name of the application currently accelerated.In addition, it gives access to three different menus, namelyoptions and settings, processor benchmark test and statistics andhistory report.

Unfortunately, PCBoost isn’t able to do any wonders on yourcomputer, and the way it tries to improve performance is actuallyquite basic and you could even do it manually straight from withinWindows.

PCBoost switches running processes priority between High andRealtime, depending on the active window at a given time, so youmay even end up with a slower machine in case something goeswrong.

There’s also a processor benchmark test that tries to determineaccess per second speed, clock speed, small and large integercalculation speed, all designed to help you determine how fast yourprocessor really is.

On the other hand, the PCBoost statistics and history shows you thetotal processor usage and the available processor, as well as thecurrently accelerated window and its priority.

So as a conclusion, PCBoost is just a waste of time, but you couldalways give it a try to see what it’s up to. Just think twicebefore spending your money of a full license.

Here are some key features of “PCBoost”:
– Optimizes games and applications by increasing the CPU prioritythread of the currently active application. Automaticallyde-allocates CPU priority when a new active application isselected.
– Works in the background to optimize applications constantly,raises priority levels to reasonable values to maintain systemstability.
– Visual representation in system tray which displays priorityoptimization for currently active application.
– Built-in block list of applications which are not compatible, toprevent problems with the software such as slow downs or computercrashes.
– Easy and intuitive user interface which performs CPU tuning inreal-time.

Installer Size: 4.58 MB

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