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PerformanceTest v9.0 Build 1024 Crack


Software Description: PerformanceTest v9.0 Build 1024 Full Crack

PerformanceTest is an application with a titlethat says it all – you can run a performance test on yourcomputer’s hardware.

The user interface of the program is simple and intuitive. You canview information about the system, CPU, memory, disk and videoadapters.

All you have to do is press the “Run Benchmark” button and theprogram will start the job. In order to optimize results, it isrecommended you do not use any other processes during thistime.

Once the benchmark is finished, you can view overall results andupload them or upload the baseline from file.

So, you can check up a summary on the PassMark rating, CPU, 2DGraphics, 3D Graphics, memory and disk marks.

But you can also view more specific information about the CPUinteger math, floating point math, compression, encryption andphysics, 2D graphics solid vectors, image filters, Windowsinterface, 3D graphics simple, medium and complex, memory smallblock allocation, large RAM, read cache and uncache, disksequential read and write, and more.

In addition, you can save results as an image or text document,copy system information, select a particular test to run, choosebaselines, configure program preferences, and more.

The tool takes up a moderate quantity of system resources andfinishes a benchmarking task in a reasonable amount of time. Italso includes a comprehensive help file with images and never frozeor crashed during our tests. We strongly recommend PerformanceTestto all users, especially hardcore gamers and web developers.

Here are some key features of”PerformanceTest”:
– Comprehensive online help
– Supports hyper-threading, and multiple CPUs testing
– Detailed disk speed graphs
– Supports printing results
– The ability to save your benchmark results to disk as a newbaseline
– A customizable “Notes” field for storing your own informationalong with the saved Benchmark result.
– Support for copying the results to other applications (eg.MS-Word)
– Export results to HTML, text, GIF, and BMP formats
– Single test execution, execution of a test suite or execution ofall tests with a single mouse click.
– A summary ‘Mark’ figure for each test suite plus the calculationof the PassMark Rating figure.
– An easy to use point and click interface
– A summary system information screen including CPU type, CPUspeed, Total RAM, Video Hardware, Cluster size, etc..
– The ability to compare the performance of your computer tomultiple ‘Baseline’ computers at the one time

Installer Size: 53.3 MB

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