Sat. Mar 25th, 2023
Raxco PerfectStorage Bundle v3.0.490 Crack


Software Description: Raxco PerfectStorage Bundle v3.0.490 Crack

PerfectStorage a huge time-saver for storagemanagers – is an intelligent storage management solution forthin-provisioned space reclamation that improves productivity,allows for better storage management and forecasting, and delaysfuture storage purchases.

The bundle consists of the following softwarepackages:
PerfectStorage Client (x86/x64)
Installed on any Windows system, virtual or physical, where youwish to reclaim space.

PerfectStorage Management Console (x64)
Used to deploy, configure and manage PerfectStorage Clients.

PerfectStorage Host Reclaim (x64)
Used to perform reclaim operations against VMware ESXi hostdatastores.

Here are some key features of”PerfectStorage”:
– Support for CSVFS drives
– Improved Thin Provisioned drive and supported Reclaim Methodauto-detection
– PerfectStorage Host Reclaim Now Available!
– Smart Zero Fillâ„¢ or SCSI UNMAP
– Eliminates time-consuming manual tasks
– Works on physical and virtual storage
– Prevents wasted storage space
– Easily identifies reclaimable space
– Pre- and post-reclaim reporting
– Only reclaims clusters not already reclaimed
– Usable in production environments
– Centrally deploy, configure and manage
– Delays future storage purchases
– Flexible scheduling

Installer Size: 161.19 MB

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