Fri. Apr 23rd, 2021
Safe Data Recovery v2.4 Crack


Software Description: Safe Data Recovery v2.4 Crack Patch

Safe Data Recovery is read-only data recoverytool, meaning the program will never attempt to write anything tothe drive you are recovering the data from. Therefore, the use ofit will not destroy any data on the drive no matter how many timesyou run the software.
If you have mistakenly deleted files on a drive or have a diskcrash, you can download the demo version of Safe Data Recovery. Itwill show you the data you have lost on that drive.
Depending on the types of crash and the extent of damage, you mightget up to 100% of your lost data. In some cases, however, wherecorruption to the disk or critical system attributes is severe,data recovery might be limited.

Here are some key features of “Safe DataRecovery”:
Easy to Use:
– Recovery task can be finished in 3 simple steps. First, selectpartition; Second, start scanning process; Third, recover. It is aseasy as counting 1-2-3.
Supports hard disk drives:
– Safe Data Recovery can recovers files on IDE/ATA, SATA, SCSI,USB, IEEE1394 hard disk drives.
Recovers files on removable devices:
– Safe Data Recovery can recovers files on removable devices (USBflash drive, Digital camera, digital audio player, etc.)
Supports the file systems:
– The program rapidly scan and recovery date in FAT12, FAT16,FAT32, NTFS file systems.
Supports operating systems:
– Safe Date Recovery supports windows 2000/XP/2003/vista operatingsystems.
Recovers all deleted files and folders:
– Recovers deleted files and folders even after recycle bin hasbeen emptied or use of Shift+Del key.
Supports Dynamic Volumes.
– The lastest version of Safe Data Recovery can recovers deletedfiles from the Dynamic Volumes.

Installer Size: 1.7 MB

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