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Stellar Registry Manager v3.0.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Stellar Registry Manager v3.0.0.0 Crack Serial

Stellar Registry Manager is a registry cleanerWindows software that scans your Microsoft Windows based system forincorrect registry entries, junk files, Internet cookies andremoves them with ease.

Fix Windows Registry
Stellar Phoenix Registry Manager is an immensely useful utility forall Windows users to maintain their PC with optimum performance byremoving unwanted files and registry entries. The software helpsusers in freeing up disk space, wiping sensitive data andoptimizing system performance in simple steps.

Smart PC Care in One Single Step
For the non-technical Windows users, Stellar Registry ManagerSoftware provides a one-step smart PC care solution. With thisoption, you can clean invalid registry entries, junk files, andInternet activities from the selected drive of your system in justone single step.

Cleans Up Registry and Unwanted Junks
This registry cleaner Windows software provides three distinguishedsub-options to clean unnecessary files from the system as per yourrequirements – ‘Clean Registry’, ‘Clean Junk Files’, and ‘CleanInternet Activity’. These options remove unwanted files efficientlyand help in speeding up your Windows system.

Optimizes Physical Memory
In order to combat the sluggish system problem and improve itsperformance, Stellar Registry Manager Software gives you aninnovative option to optimize the physical memory of the system.The software allows freeing up RAM space along with a mark tohighlight the maximum limit for safe memory optimization.

Wipes Sensitive yet Unwanted Files
With this registry cleaner Windows tool, you can completely eraseall unwanted data from the system hard drive, beyond the scope ofdata recovery. The software permanently wipes sensitive files andfolders; and helps protecting your privacy from unauthorized datarecovery

Back-up and Restore Windows Registries
The software helps managing Windows registry by taking back-up ofthe registry entries (keys & values) and restoring them, whenrequired. Before performing any registry cleanup process, thesoftware allows backing up current registry entries.

Scheduler to Clean Registries at a DefinedTime
Stellar Registry Manager provides option to schedule variousregistry cleanup activities at a specified time automatically. Withthis option of the software, you can manage Windows registries atthe desired time, without any further intervention.

Installer Size: 7.59 MB

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