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TimeToPhoto v2.9.5975 Crack


Software Description: TimeToPhoto v2.9.5975 Crack Serial

Back in the film days, many point-and-shoot cameras had anextremely useful feature most modern digital compacts areregrettably lacking. The feature was called Quartz or Time-Stampingdepending on the manufacturer. The idea was simple and clear:time-stamp every photo with the exact date the photo was taken.Back then, only a few expensive models were equipped with thatuseful feature. Today, all digital cameras, even the cheapestmodels, record the date and time each picture is taken, storingthis information somewhere in the file. While you can access thisinformation from your computer if you are persistent enough, thereis no way to tell the date when and where the picture was takenafter it’s been printed.

Fortunately, there is a perfect solution to this issue.TimeToPhoto can time-stamp your digital picturescompletely automatically by putting a camera date stamp on yourphotos. Better yet, unlike stamped film, it leaves the non-stampedoriginals intact.
The fully automatic operation is possible as TimeToPhoto is able toaccess the hidden information about your digital pictures that isstored in EXIF format. The exact shooting date is stored there. Youcan time-stamp all photos at once, specifying your own font,position, and color of the date stamp. In addition, you can stamppictures with extras such as GPS information or the name of theplace pictured, the file name, or just about anything else such asthe names and ages of your kids at the time!

Here are some key features of”TimeToPhoto “:
– Batch photo processing.
– Add any text label and timestamp to your photos.
– Stamp location, size, color, and font are fully customizable.
– Rename and sort photos automatically.
– EXIF date and time support.
– EXIF GPS tags support.
– All stamped photos are saved to a different folder so originalphotos are not modified

Installer Size: 15.8 MB

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