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Titan Backup v2.5.0.117 Crack


Software Description: Titan Backup v2.5.0.117 Keygen Crack

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Titan Backup software application is a simple and complete solutionfor home and small offices, created for secure backups of yourimportant data.
It can make automatic backups of your important files anddocuments, virtually on any type of storage media includingCD/DVD-RW, removable devices, network drives and remote FTPservers.
A well designed user interface and a flexible scheduler makes iteasy to organize the automatic backups. ZIP compression allows youto save the disk space. Using 256-bit AES strong encryption willensure full security of your confidential data.

Here are some key features of “TitanBackup”:
Easy to use wizard-driven interface and simple browsing between theBackup Tasks:
– With the help of a tree-view file manager, you can see all thefiles that are in a backup task and the new files that will bestored in the next backup execution. You can easily review and sortthe items (files, registry keys, emails, settings) in your task.Titan Backup will start automatically at Windows Startup and youcan access it quickly from the system tray. Creating and restoringa backup task is easy and intuitive, just one-click away anddirectly from the main window.
– Having many free plug-ins installed by default, Titan Backupfacilitates the backup of emails and rules for Microsoft Outlook,Outlook Express, Firefox, Opera, Thunderbird, Eudora, Windowssettings, system registry and more…
– Titan Backup lets you to easily backup settings for InternetExplorer, Firefox, Opera browsers, emails and rules for MicrosoftOutlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora, Windows settings andAddress Book. Check our website for new plugins that will allowTitan Backup to save settings for more applications.
Self-extracting backups and standard Zip archives:
– Titan Backup doesn’t use proprietary archive formats like otherbackup programs. It uses the standard Zip file format. This makesit very easy to restore data manually form the backup archive evenif Titan Backup is not installed. You can choose to createself-extracting archives that will allow you to unzip even if youdon’t have a compression tool. Titan Backup can also create backupswithout compression for faster processing and more redundancy. Thefiles and folders structure is always preserved.
Version control, incremental and differential backups:
– Titan Backup provides a version control mechanism that allows youto backup only changed files. You can always view the differencesbetween the current files and the last backup in a special viewingbox that identifies changes in different colors. It can operate inincremental or differential modes to back up only new/changedfiles, or to delete from the current backup the files that don’texist anymore in the source location.
– 256-bit AES strong encryption
Titan Backup uses military-strength 256-bit AES strong encryptionto protect backed up data privacy:
– AES encryption algorithm has been adopted by NIST as anFIPS-approved (Federal Information Processing Standard) symmetricencryption algorithm that should be used by U.S. Governmentorganizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.
Before / After commands:
– You can select external programs to run before the backup startsor after it ends. Also there is the possibility to shut down thecomputer automatically after the backup task is done.
– Backup to virtually any storage device (including LAN, CD/DVD,removable devices, remote FTP servers, etc)
– Titan Backup allows you to backup on internal or external harddisks, on local area network (LAN) locations, CD/DVD media,removable media devices (USB sticks, memory sticks, flash memory,floppy disks, ZIP disks, JAZ, etc.), remote locations using FTPwith upload auto-resume
Backup Windows Registry:
– You can include your Windows registry in the backup. Importantnotice: this feature should be used with caution, as restoring theRegistry can be very dangerous for a novice user and can crash thesystem.
– Built-in easy-to-use task scheduler
– While the Windows’ scheduling agent is quite advanced, it can bedifficult to use. Titan Backup makes it easier for you to scheduleyour backups from basic (such as running a task on a specified dayand time) to very advanced settings
– Email notifications regarding the backup task
– You can configure Titan Backup to send notification emails onerrors, warnings or summary reports of a successfully finishedbackup task. Additional options allow you to attach the backup logfile and send the email to several addresses. The emailnotification feature uses custom outgoing SMTP server.
Detailed logs of all backup operations:
– Titan Backup writes local logs of all backup operations, so youcan determine what was backed up, start & end times, elapsedtimes, summary information, operation status, possible warnings anderrors.

Installer Size: 8.14 MB

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