Thu. Apr 22nd, 2021
USB Hidden Copier v2.1 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: USB Hidden Copier v2.1 x86/x64 Crack Patch

USB Hidden Copier is a unique program thatsilently and automatically copies files and data from USB devicesto your computer; with it, you can backup all your USB driveswithout clicking any button — just plug in your USB drive andyou’re done or collect data from USB drives that people connect toyour computer. You choose what file types to copy: you havecomplete control and no monitoring required because it runsautomatically on Windows startup and detects USB drives instantlyupon insertion.

USB monitoring purposes
USB Hidden Copier is capable of silently duplicating the specifiedtypes of files from any USB device connected to your computer. Thisway, you can monitor the contents of USB memory devices for all thepeople who use your computer. It stores the duplicate data in alocal folder, so you can easily inspect it later.
Its main purpose is to allow you to identify the source of viruses,malware or other malicious applications that can infect yourcomputer, without you knowing. Additionally, it is a suitablemonitoring tool for public computers, such as those in a school, inuniversities, institutions or at the workplace.

A tool that automates data backup
USB Hidden Copier is designed to run on Windows startup andautomatically activate the backing up process as soon as youconnect a USB device to your computer. Alternatively, you maymanually activate/deactivate it. Moreover, the application allowsyou to select the local folder for data storage.
You can select the types of files which you wish the application tocopy: pictures, documents, multimedia or other types files exceptfor these. Otherwise, you may choose “All” and thus disable anyfile filters. You may set the software to ignore a particulardevice, for example your own, in order to avoid unnecessary spaceoccupation.

Lightweight USB copier
USB Hidden Copier is simple to use, lightweight and easy toinstall. It also features a shortcut to viewing the default folderfor data storage, however, in many cases the files are not copiedin the specified directory. The data can be accessed from theapplication’s installation folder, where the program createsspecific subfolders with the name of the USB.

Installer Size: 1.83 + 1.94 MB

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