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PHP Generator for MySQL Professional v18.3.0.1 Crack


Software Description: PHP Generator for MySQL Professional v17.10.0.1 Cracked

PHP Generator for MySQL is a comprehensiveutility that lets you to quickly build your website from yourdatabase without using any programming techniques.
Assuming that you have worked with PHP scripts and designed aconsiderable number of websites, you also know how MySQL works too,although it does not require any advanced configurations.
The created web application allows authorized users to quicklyview, add and edit database records. Simply choose the database youwant, then preview all the tables and relations.

The first step of PHP Generator for MySQL requires you to addconnection data such as host name and user credentials. If theconnection works, you can easily choose the database you want, thenadd new tables or create SQL queries.
In case you have worked with databases before, you know thatdefining key columns is absolutely mandatory to support the editand delete operations for the generated pages. By defining aprimary key constraint for each table, you will be able to createrelations and map the tables.

Also, the application provides you with a default set of colorschemes. In order to implement another HTML appearance, you cancustomize the selected color scheme or change the webpages lookwith custom templates.
After selecting the tables and views you want to generate scriptsfor and preview the pages that will be created, you will need tocustomize the security options and the PHP data accessimplementation.
PHP Generator for MySQL allows you to use either hard-coded,table-based or database server authorization, thus converting yourMySQL databases into a working web application with login-protecteduser access.
All things considered, PHP Generator for MySQL is a practical andhigh-quality PHP website builder worth having when you need tocreate web database applications effortlessly.

Here are some key features of “PHP Generator for MySQLProfessional”:
– Powerful User-friendly:
PHP Generator for MySQL is a high-quality GUI for buildingfeature-rich PHP web apps
PHP Generator for MySQL is a unique utility that allows makingfull-fledged web database applications in several clicks. Theprices start from $0!

– Clear in use:
Even a newbie can use PHP Generator for MySQL
Full customization of the result HTML appearance
Possibility to apply your own design and standard HTML templatesare at your disposal

– Full customization of the result script:
PHP Generator for MySQL provides you with all the powerful featuresyou would expect from a professional database application

– Implemented lookup options:
PHP Generator for MySQL supports foreign key constraints and theautomatic creation of look up menus

– Script localization:
Your can instantly create multilingual web applications with PHPGenerator for MySQL

– Advanced security features:
Use PHP Generator for MySQL to convert your MySQL databases into aworking web application with login-protected user access

– Latest MySQL server versions support:
PHP Generator for MySQL supports all the latest versions of MySQLserver

– Wizard Templates:
Use wizard templates to make your work with PHP Generator for MySQLeven easier

– Fully customizable appearance and functionality:
PHP Generator for MySQL admits to full customization performed byusers

Installer Size: 25.4 MB

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