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PHPEdit v5.0.0.12872 Crack


Software Description: PHPEdit v5.0.0.12872 + Full Crack

PHPEdit provides a complete, fully-customizableIDE for working with PHP in order to develop web applications andprofessional-looking websites. Designed to ease your work andincrease efficiency, this application comes with a set of advancedcoding tools and support for other PHP frameworks, such as Symfony,Prado or eZ publish.

One of its key functionality is the integration of code assistantsand code generators. Furthermore, it can implement interfaces,override methods or create documentation blocs for differentfunctions.

Syntax highlighting (for multiple languages, including PHP,HTML, CSS and more), smart code completion and folding, commentsand bookmarks, real-time syntax checking are other editing toolsthat you can use. Together with the variate collection of codetemplates, these features can increase productivity and improve thequality of your projects.

The application comes with a powerful script debugging tool thatenables you to run the code line by line, in order to view how theapplication works. By default, the debugger uses the internalserver of PHPEdit, but it can be configured to use your own server,even on remote systems.

Create breakpoints, view variable values and class attributes,insert watchers, easily evaluate expressions, generate error logsand use the profiling features to detect code sections that aretaking more time to execute. In addition to this, PHPEdit includesan extension for Firefox that you can use to quickly enable ordisable debugging and profiling in the browser.

The program can help you organize the files into different projectsand provides you with a tree-structured code browser. Task reports,advanced search tools and project dependencies list are otheradvantages that it comes with. Additionally, it features extensionsupport, which you can use to customize the IDE according to yourneeds and requirements.

Despite its name, PHPEdit is much more than a simple PHP editor. Itincludes all the necessary tools to help you customize the workenvironment, generate quality code and speed up the developmentprocess.

Here are some key features of “PHPEdit”:
Editor and file management:
– PHP4 and PHP5 support
– Syntax highlighting, code auto completion
– Templates (PHP, PHPDoc, New file)
– Code folding (Classes, functions and PHPDoc)
– Real time syntax checking

PHPEdit makes PHP parse your code in real time to detectsyntax errors without effort:
– Bookmarks – Quick navigation in the source
– Automatic insertion (braces, square brakets)
– Token match – The parenthesis, braces, quotes, square brakets,etc… are automatically highlighted by PHPEdit to easilyunderstand the code structure
– Comment/uncomment the PHP code –
– With a simple keyboard shortcut, comment or uncomment blocs ofcode
– PHP explorer view (Projet)
– Open resource (File / function)
– PHP manual integration
– The PHP manual is accessible directly from PHPEdit, for a quickaccess to the information necessary on a daily basis. Other manualsare shipped too, like the mysql of the symfony manuals, and you canadd more.
– File/project/PHP explorers (Outlines)
– Advanced code formatting (tabs, parenthesis, spaces and emptylines)
– Search and remplace in files
– Tasks (TODO)
– Project dependencies management (Project Include Path)
– Drag and drop or open from the file explorer
– Easy creation of new files

Code generation:
– Generation of getters and setters
– PHPEdit improves your productivity by allowing, with just a fewletters typed, to generate code automatically, like for examplegetters and setters for a private variable.
– PHPEdit is shipped with many code templates ready to use.
– Method overriding and implementing
– Class and interface generation
– PHPDoc documentation generation
– With a simple shortcut, generate a documentation bloc for thecurrent function or method. With this feature you can easilymaintain your projects documented to improve their quality.

HML support:
– Syntax highlighting
– Code auto-completion

Source code control:
– Subversion

Unit tests with PHPUnit:
– Generation of “Test Case” / “Test Suite”
– Running the tests and graphical display of the results
– Displaying and filtering the callstack
– Displaying the code coverage of your methods and classes

– Local debugging
– Remote debugging on the web server
– Local deployment
– Charset support
– Web servers management
– File source transfert (Use the local/remote copy)
– Browser toolbar support (Firefox)
– PHP profiler

Deployment on remote serveurs support:

SQL/Databases support:
– TopQuery editor – syntax highlighter and code completion
– Intuitive dialog for new connections
– Tables data visualizer (editable)
– Objects tree – tables, views
– Visual query builder
– Execution of queries within PHP code with dynamic replacement ofthe variables

eZ publish support:
– Syntax highlighting
– Template explorer
– Cache manager
– Code completion
– Quick access to documentation

Prado support:
– Syntax highlighting
– The different kind of Prado tags are recognized and colorized todistinguish them quickly
– Code completion
– PHPEdit suggests automatically component names, as well as theirproperties and events
– Quick navigation in the code between events and theirimplementation
– If the implementation doesn’t exist yet, PHPEdit will generateits skeleton automatically

Symfony support:
– TopYAML support (syntax highlighting, code folding, formattingerrors detection)
– Run symfony tasks from the IDE
– Symfony projects explorer
– Advanced debugging with support for the environnements androuting
– Code generation (components, templates, actions)
– Quick navigation between actions and associated templates

Installer Size: 106 MB

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