Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
FaxAmatic v17.09.01 Crack


Software Description: FaxAmatic v17.09.01 Cracked

FaxAmatic is a software application thatenables its users to send and receive fax messages from theircomputer. This is possible because the program will integratefaxing into your Windows environment, allowing you to generatefaxes and send them via Internet, e-mail or modem.
The user interface resembles programs that were developed forWindows ’98 or even ’95. Furthermore the main window is clutteredwith a lot of information that might confuse people and therefore,it is not so easy to use.

There are multiple tabs from which you can choose to takecertain actions (Configure, Create Fax, Send Fax, Event Monitors,etc.) and all of them are packed with information. Of course, youwill also be able to see the normal Menu Bar in the upper side ofthe main window which will give you the possibility of easilyfinding all the actions you can take in FaxAmatic.
A really nice feature that this program is able to provide you isthe fact that you can send faxes to a number of people at once andFaxAmatic will remember the frequently used groups or individualprofiles, so that you can find them faster and easier.

Moreover, you should also know that this program allows you toforward all the incoming fax messages to an e-mail address, so thatyou can see them faster.

All in all, although the interface of the FaxAmatic softwareapplication could use a little bit more work, it is a useful tool,especially if you happen to work in a company that needs to sendand receive faxes on a daily basis.

Installer Size: 2.4 MB

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