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Webcam Surveyor v3.62 Build 1051 Crack


Software Description: Webcam Surveyor v3.62 Build 1051 Keygen Serial

Webcam Surveyor is a simple and functionalapplication designed for video capture and surveillance. With thissoftware you can quickly and easily broadcast live media streamsover network, record videos, take snapshots and monitor all motionactivity.

The motion detector allows turning your computer into a completevideo surveillance system and logging all events in your absence.If motion is detected, the application will execute predefinedactions: record video, send an email alert, upload images to FTPsite, run other application, play alert sound, etc. With advancedmotion capture feature you can save time and disk space byrecording only the frames with the motion.

Stealth mode allows to completely hiding the Webcam Surveyor inyour computer and controls it by hotkeys. The software is invisibleat startup and can start with Windows. It allows finding out whathappens with your PC in your absence and can be useful forrecording video on computers and terminals installed in publicplaces.

The built-in file manager with thumbnail view, helps youorganize the resulting images and videos.

Key features:
– Broadcasting – webcam live streaming over Internet/localnetwork
– Video Capture – easily record a webcam video.
– Continuous 24/7 recording – view a resulting video duringrecording.
– Capture Image Sequences – create a time-lapse video or capturesequence of images.
– Motion Detection – monitor your office or home and record allmotion activity.
– Motion Capture – record video only when motion is detected.
– Stealth Mode – hide Webcam Surveyor on your computer and manageit by hot keys.
– Ease of Use and Compatibility.

Installer Size: 3.4 MB

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