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Able Software R2V v7.0.20120720 Crack


Software Description: Able Software R2V v7.0.20120720 Crack Patch

Able Software R2V for Windows, is a powerfulraster to vector conversion software at a reasonable price. R2Vcombines the power of intelligent automatic vectorizing technologywith an easy-to-use, menu-driven, graphical user interface in theMicrosoft Windows environment. The software converts scanned mapsor images to vector formats for mapping, geographic informationsystems (GIS), CAD, and scientific computing applications. Thesystem is easy to use and can be learned quickly by users with anylevel of technical background.
R2V provides an easy and complete solution to digitize vector datafrom image sources, such as scanned maps and drawings, aerialphotos, and satellite imagery.

For many images, the entire raster to vector conversion processis fully automatic and needs no human intervention. You display thescanned image on screen and you select the vectorization command.That is all it takes! All the lines are extracted in seconds anddisplayed right on top of the image for you to verify and edit.Powerful editing and processing functions are provided to edit,geo-reference, and label your data. R2V has allthe tools to get a perfect set of vector data faster and easierthan any other methods.

With R2V, you can forget about slow and inaccurate hand tracing ona digitizing tablet, simply scan your map or drawing and let R2Vvectorize it automatically, at a high accuracy level. A typicalcontour or parcel map scanned at 200 DPI (dots/inch) as black andwhite or grayscale can be vectorized in seconds or minutes on aPentium PC.

We know editing for both rasterimages and vector data is extremely important to you, so we havemade the effort to build easy to use and intelligent editors foryou to handle all data types in one display window, includinglines, points, polygons, text labels, image pixels, and controlpoints. With R2V, you can automatically vectorize maps or drawings,perform quick heads-up digitizing and geo-referencing of aerialphotos or satellite imagery, and update your existing vector datasets using the latest aerial photos or other images.
You have some color maps? No problem. Scan them in color and R2Vwill classify the colors and vectorize each color separately; Thenlabel the lines using the semi-automatic vector labelingtools.

Whether your maps are contours, parcels, transportation, or CADdrawings, or if you have hundreds or thousands of them, R2V is theright tool for you because it is being used all over the world forall types of large and small digitizing projects. Our users havebeen impressed by how easy and how fast the digitizing job hasbecome and the prompt technical support we have provided.

R2V Functions
Image Formats: TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, GIF, RLC, PNGand BMP formats. R2V supports most image types, including 1-bitbi-level, 8-bit grayscale, and color images (4-bit, 8-bit, and24-bit). Most TIFF image compressions are supported. There is nosoftware limit for image sizes. R2V also supports SPOT and othersatellite raw image formats. Geo-reference your raster image in R2Vand save to GeoTIFF format.

Vector Export/Import: ArcView (Shape file),Arc/Info Generate, AutoCAD DXF, MapInfo (MIF/MID), IGES, MapGuideSDL, 3D Grid file, 3D DEM (compatible with USGS DEM), VRML, and 3DXYZ vector file formats. More vector file formats are beingadded.

Advanced Vectorization:
R2V supports three types of vectorization:
Fully automatic vectorization. One command will vectorize yourscanned map in seconds or minutes at high quality. Batch functionallows vectorizing a number of maps without any user intervention.Write your own batch script to customize the processing steps forthe images before vectorization and for vector line processingafter the vectorization.
Interactive line tracing. You select two points on the image andlet R2V trace the line for you. Easy, accurate and intelligent! Forcomplex maps or drawings, use the interactive tracing to vectorizelines selectively. Or use the multiple line tracing function tovectorize a group of lines with only two clicks.
Manual on-screen heads-up digitizing. With R2V’s easy to use vectoreditor, you simply draw the lines with your image as the backdrop,zoom in and out, and quickly create the data set for your specificapplications

Complete Vector Editing:
A complete on-screen vector editor is provided using the image as abackdrop. Lines can be created, moved, joined, split, removed,colored, and labeled. Closed polygons are formed easily fromexisting lines with the polygon editing tool.

Vector Labeling and Contour Map Digitizing:
Lines can be labeled with different ID values which are saved asattributes when exporting to a mapping or GIS package.Semi-automatic contour line labeling is supported for quickelevation assignments of contour lines

Vector Rasterizing:
Converts vector data tohigh resolution raster image for printing and processing.

Multiple Layers:
Use R2V’s layer manager todefine as many layers as needed to organize vectorized data intolayers. Layers created in R2V are fully compatible with the exportvector file formats that support multi-layer structure. Withmultiple layers defined, vector data can be processed, edited, anddisplayed by layer and moved between layers. Layers can be turnedon, off, or locked for flexible vector data editing andhandling.

Point Feature Digitizing: Complete support fordigitizing of point features. Points can be created, moved andlabeled. Point data can be exported to all the vector file formatssupported.

Automatic Polygon Layer Creation:
Create polygon layers automatically from vectorized lines with justone command. The closed polygons can then be edited, and labeledusing R2V’s line editor. Polygons can be displayed in fill modewith a user defined hatch pattern and color for the layer.

Powerful Raster Image Editing: R2V provides apowerful raster drawing tool for easy image pixel editing andrepairing. All image types, including 1-bit monochrome, grayscale,8-bit color, and 24-bit color are supported by the Image PixelTool. Pixel mapping functions can easily map one pixel value toanother for the entire image to remove noise pixels, clean up imagebackground, or merge color layers.

Geo-Referencing Using GeoTIFF or Control Points:Vector data can be geo-coded or geo-referenced to a real worldcoordinate system (e.g., UTM, Latitude/Longitude) using GeoTIFF,user selected control points or a World file (TFW). Raster imagescan be geo-referenced as well with a generated World file supportedby ESRI’s Arc/Info, ArcView, or TAB file by MapInfo. Image rubbersheeting functions allow geometric correction or registration of animage to a new coordinate system. R2V supports both Bi-linear andDelaunay triangulation methods for geometric transformation.Geo-referenced raster images can be saved in GeoTIFF format, andare fully compatible with other packages that support GeoTIFF.

Conversion between Map Projection Systems: R2Vsupports conversion between UTM coordinate systems,latitude/longitude, State Plane NAD27 and State Plane NAD83systems. You can convert one point or an entire set of controlpoints automatically.

Automatic Text Detection and Recognition (OCR):Detects and recognizes text of different fonts, sizes, and languages automatically. Flexible editor for easy removal andmanipulation. Other irregular intersection symbols can be detectedand corrected as well.

Merge Multiple Maps: Use R2V to vectorize mapsseparately and then merge them into one set by specifying propercontrol points. The merged vector data set can then be editedwithin R2V and treated as a single map

Flexible Region of Interest for Vectorization and Image Processing:R2V supports regions of interest in the form of circles,rectangles, free form polygons, and their combinations forvectorization and image cropping.

3D Display With Image Draping: Create a 3D dataset automatically from your labeled line data and display themusing R2V’s advanced 3D display and animation function. View yourdata with image draping in 3D at any angle and distance. Supports3D DEM (compatible USGS DEM format) and Grid formats for both inputand output. 3D models can be exported to DXF, VRML, and XYZformats.

Powerful Image Processing: Vertical and horizontalflip, transpose, rotate, remove dark background, edge detection,image resample, crop a region, smoothing, segmentation, imagemosaic, fusion, warping, and negate. Both supervised andunsupervised classification are built in to help process aerialphotos or satellite imagery that are in color. Color separation,grayscale image enhancement, and image type conversions can all bedone using R2V.

Image Mosaic: R2V’s Image mosaic command makes iteasy to create a mosaic image from a series of sub-sections. Simplystart by selecting the Image/Mosaic option, and specify the layoutmatrix and image file names. The image mosaic will be created in afew seconds. Images with overlapped borders are correlated tocreate seamless image mosaic/

Image Merge and Overlay: The image merge functionallows you to combine multiple images interactively to create imageoverlays or mosaics.



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