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Altair HyperWorks AcuSolve v2017.1 x64 Crack


Software Description: Altair HyperWorks AcuSolve v2017.1 x64 Crack

Altair HyperWorks AcuSolve is a proven assetfor companies looking to explore their designs. AcuSolve providespowerful fluid flow analysis capabilities without the difficultiesassociated with traditional CFD applications. Experienced CFDanalysts are all too familiar with the challenges of getting asimulation to run in the majority of commercial solvers. Endlessgeometry simplification to construct block structured meshes, daysspent wrestling with meshing software, and solution divergence dueto poor quality meshes are common issues faced in the workflow ofmany solvers.
Altair’s AcuSolve provides you with the tools you need to avoid theCFD pre-processing bottle neck and focus on exploring your CFDsimulation results. AcuSolve’s powerful solver technology providesyou with the most robust solution in the CFD marketplace.

AcuSolve’s proprietary numerical methods yield stablesimulations and accurate results regardless of the quality andtopology of the mesh elements. When combined with automatedunstructured meshing, no CFD software gets you to your end goalsooner: analyzing results and exploring the physics of yourapplication.
AcuSolve’s single solver architecture and constantly evolvingfeature set provides a valuable tool to any company tasked withperforming CFD analysis.

AcuSolve’s powerful solver technology provides users with the mostrobust solution in the CFD marketplace. AcuSolve’s proprietarynumerical methods yield stable simulations and accurate resultsregardless of the quality and topology of the mesh elements.Pre-processing and meshing has historically been the bottleneckwhen performing industrial CFD. However, AcuSolve’s solvertechnology, combined with automated unstructured meshing reducesthe pre-processing burden and enables scientists and engineers toreach their end goal sooner…. analyzing results and exploring thephysics of their application. AcuSolve achieves all of this withoutthe need for users to perform countless runs to explore differentsolution procedures. AcuSolve uses a single solver for all flowregimes with very few parameters to adjust. No tuningrequired….build your mesh and run it!

AcuSolve produces results rapidly by solving the fully-coupledpressure/velocity equation system using industry leading,scientifically proven numerical techniques. This yields rapidlinear and nonlinear convergence rates for both steady state andtransient simulations. In addition to the efficiency of thenumerical methods, AcuSolve was architected from the ground up totake full advantage of parallel compute platforms. All algorithmswithin the solver are designed for multi-core parallel clusters,using a hybrid distributed/shared-memory (MPI/OpenMP) parallelmodel that is completely automated within the solver’s runscript.

Message Passing Interface (MPI) is used to communicate betweendistributed-memory machines, and shared-memory data copy is usedbetween subdomains of a single shared-memory machine. Two leveldomain decomposition is used to optimize the distribution ofelements and nodes based on the shared and distributed memorymessage passing requirements of a given simulation. Theseoptimizations ensure that message passing overhead is kept to aminimum.

AcuSolveā€™s numerical methods have been customized to deliver bothspeed and accuracy for the most demanding of CFD applications. Oneof the keys to its accuracy is the use of equal order interpolationfor all variables. This results in second order spatial accuracyfor all governing equations. This focus on accuracy furtherenhances the speed of the solver by enabling you to achieve highlevels of accuracy with AcuSolve using far less mesh than what isrequired to achieve comparable results using other CFD solvers thatare on the market. In addition to requiring less mesh to produce acomparable result, AcuSolve is able to retain its second orderaccuracy on all element topologies. You can confidently simplifyyour pre-processing by using tetrahedral elements to mesh yourdomain without sacrificing robustness or accuracy.

In addition to exceptional spatial accuracy, AcuSolve providessecond-order accuracy in time as well. This provides you withunmatched transient simulation capabilities. Running a transient inAcuSolve is easy as specifying that the simulation is transient,selecting a suitable time step to resolve the physics, and thenlaunching the solver. It’s that simple. No complex solver settingsto adjust, no CFL based stability limits, and no concerns about thesimulation diverging due to improper solver selection!

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