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AMS Software PhotoWorks v3.0 Crack


Software Description: AMS Software PhotoWorks v3.0 Crack

PhotoWorks is intelligent image editingsoftware that comes with a wide range of professional-level tools.Combining an easy-to-use interface and rich functionality, thisprogram offers everything you may need to turn an ordinary shotinto a real eye candy. Both amateur and skilled photographers willenjoy working with this image editor since it is extremelyconvenient and multifunctional.

Transform your images in a flash
Not quite happy with your photos? Tricky weather and lightingconditions or a stranger in the background have ruined a pricelessshot? Vacation pictures don’t look as vibrant as you hoped theywould? With PhotoWorks in hand, you’ll get the tools that let yousave a spoiled shot or turn an average picture into a photographymasterpiece. This seemingly simple photo editing program has thelatest image processing technology under the hood – for you, thismeans perfect pictures with a couple of mouse clicks!

Retouch portrait photos with pro-level tools
Need to touch up a portrait or make a shiny avatar? The intelligentphoto retouching tools inside PhotoWorks will hide anyimperfections and add a glam finish to your picture. Get rid ofpimples, freckles, and spots; smooth out wrinkles and create aneven skin tone; whiten your teeth for a luminous smile. Feel likeexperimenting with your looks? Try changing the eye color – justone mouse click, and your grey eyes will turn green! Make sure totry the built-in photo filters, too – these will turn an ordinaryshot into a studio-quality picture.

Create striking landscapes in a few clicks
Some of your valuable vacation photos were taken in gloomy weather?You can’t go back to that place, but you can add some sunshine withan easy image editor! Discover the power of the graduated filter -this tool can work wonders for your landscapes, turning the greysky blue and breathing life into a dull photo. Erase unwantedobjects such as power lines, road signs, or passersby. Do somemagic with artistic effects – there’s an an array of presets likemorning mist, winter frost, summer glow etc., ready to give yourpics a rad new look.

Experiment with colors like a true artist
Have immense fun playing with hues and tones! One quick movement,and your red dress turns pink or orange; another one – and daybecomes dusk. Play with the color hue, saturation and luminance tochange the atmosphere of the shot. PhotoWorks uses intelligenttechnology that lets you work with each color on the photo one byone, without you having to do any manual selection.

Play with dozens of one-click effects
Looking for instant photo effects? We’ve got you covered!PhotoWorks comes with a huge variety of artistic filters – colortoning, details enhancement, HDR, vignetting, retro, black & whitephoto, color splash, seasonal effects, and a lot more. A singleclick will create a certain mood, add some drama or a romanticvintage flair to your shot. Even if you are completely new topost-processing, our simple picture editing software will give yourimages a polished look in mere seconds.

Installer Size: 45.4 MB

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