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basICColor catch v5.0.7 Build 1845 Crack


Software Description: basICColor catch v5.0.7 Build 1845 + Full Crack

basICColor catch is the basis for a multitudeof tools for color measurement, quality control, PSO certification,statistical analysis of QC jobs, ICC profiling, plate settercalibration and profile optimization. basICColor catch is auniversal and very flexible tool for measuring linearization,profiling, and quality assurance targets. A large variety ofinstruments and targets are supported.

Because basICColor catch is highly automated, it only takes one (!)mouse click to perform the readings and save the file. You canmeasure spectral densities – even from instruments that do notsupport densities like the i1Pro(2) – dot gain, colorimetric values​​under user specified light conditions. You can import externaldata and average measurement data based on spectral data. You cantake measurements containing up to 16 spectra with differentmeasure illuminants in one pass.

Here are some key features of “basICColorcatch”:
– Software for the measurement of multiple output targets:linearization, profiling and quality assurance targets
– Support for industry standard targets: IT8.7, ECI2002, Ugra /FOGRA, ECI / bvdm Gray Control Strip, IDEAlliance ISO12647-7 ColorControl trip, Harlequin Linearization Target, PSO and DNA testforms, Visual Print Reference 10 step wedge, ColorChecker,ColorChecker DC, Digital ColorChecker SG, etc.
– Support of the following instruments: basICColor: DISCUS, SQUID3;Barbieri: SpectroLFP, SpectroPad; ColorPartner: xy-table ColorScoutA+ with different Spectrophotometers; Datacolor: Spyder3 SR;Gretag: Spectrolino, SpectroScan; Konica Minolta: FD-5, FD-7, FD-9(even with optional AutoFeeder), CM-26×0; Techkon: SpectroDens,SpectroJet; X-Rite: 530, SP6x, i1Display2, i1Pro, i1Pro2, i1iO,i1iO2, i1iSis, i1iSis UV-cut, i1iSis2.with different types oflight, based on the measurement data averaging spectral data,importing of external data.
– basICColor catch is now easier to use than ever. The new Wizardmode allows even inexperienced users to quickly select the relevantmeasure Job.
– Automation
Predefined Templates and Jobs guarantee for the utmost flexibilityand automization of measurement tasks. This enables you to performall functions with just a single mouse click.
– Various Measurement Data
basICColor catch allows for saving up to 16 spectra for spectralICC profiling. Along with L*a*b* you can store densities and dotgain values for linearizing your image setter RIP or digitalprinter. You can even average multiple measurement data on aspectral basis.
– Measurement Device Support
basICColor catch supports a wide range of measurement devices fromall the leading manufacturers.
– Measurement conditions M0, M1, M2 according to ISO 13655 withsuited instruments, e.g. Konica Minolta FD-7, Konica Minolta FD-9,X-Rite i1Pro2, i1iSis2.

Installer Size: 450.8 MB

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