Thu. Mar 30th, 2023
Bentley ContextCapture Center v4.4.5.40 x64 Crack


Software Description: Bentley ContextCapture Center v4.4.5.40 x64 + Crack

Bentley ContextCapture Center is a new solutiondeveloped on the basis of the former Smart3DCapture technology, asoftware solution allowing to produce high resolution 3D modelsfrom simple photographs, without any human intervention.

The principle of ContextCapture is to analyze severalphotographs of a static subject, taken from different viewpoints,and to automatically detect pixels corresponding to a same physicalpoint. From many such correspondences, relative orientations ofphotos and accurate 3D shape of the scene can be inferred.

ContextCapture solves this problem with cutting edgephotogrammetry, computer vision and computational geometryalgorithms fulfilling industrial-quality requirements in terms ofprecision, scalability, efficiency, usage, robustness andinteroperability.

Installer Size: 372 MB

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