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Csimsoft Bolt v1.1.0 x64 Crack


Software Description: Csimsoft Bolt v1.1.0 x64 + Full Crack

Whatever meshing software you use, you need to addBolt to your tool chest. Bolt is a push-buttonsolution for generating all-hex meshes from complex geometries withlittle or no user interaction. Most models can be meshed by simplyclicking the Mesh button. For other models, use the mesh controlsto adjust mesh, size, and smoothing.

Get excellent results—fast.
For many complex simulations, Bolt produces equivalent or superiorresults when compared to pave-and-sweep meshes that take hours ordays to generate. Depending on the type of analysis you are doing,Bolt can give you excellent results in minutes.

No more cutting up models.
Traditional pave-and-sweep meshing methods require you to decomposethe model into sweepable volumes. This could be more than 60% ofthe time it takes to get a good mesh. Bolt uses a very advancedoverlay-grid method to generate an all-hex mesh. Unlike thepave-and-sweep method that takes hours or days to prepare, Boltallows you to mesh your model with the simple click of the Meshbutton.

Tolerant of dirty geometry.
You know that all geometry is not the same. Many of the models youget from a designer require significant clean up and defeaturing.Repairing problems takes time, a lot of time. Bolt doesn’t requireyou to manually fix gaps, overlaps, or misalignments. Bolt uses anew volume fraction approach that has been developed and tested formore than six years to accurately represent the topology of yourmodel without having to fix it first.

Massively parallel.
Even without having to clean up and prepare your geometry, largeand complex models can take a long time to mesh. Bolt speeds upactual meshing time by dividing the model into parts and meshingeach part in parallel. Bolt’s meshing algorithm is massivelyparallel and will use as many processors as specified andavailable.

The Bolt meshing process.
The Bolt meshing process begins with creating a Cartesian grid basemesh of a bounding box around your model. Nodes from the base gridthat are near the boundaries are projected to the geometry, locallydistorting the nearby hex cells. A pillow layer of hexes is theninserted at the surfaces by duplicating the interface nodes oneither side of the boundaries and inserting hexes. Whileconstraining node locations on the interfaces, Bolt uses a set ofsmoothing procedures to improve mesh quality of the boundaryhexes.

The Bolt difference.
Grid overlay methods are not new. It’s pretty easy to create aconformal or stair-step mesh of perfect hexes inside a model. Whatisn’t easy is the superior way that Bolt handles the layer betweenthe conformal mesh and the geometry’s outer surface. Bolt’ssophisticated algorithms ensure that these hexes are of the highestquality. That’s what makes a Bolt mesh superior.

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