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DeskArtes Sim / Dimensions/ 3Data Expert v10.3.0.16 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: DeskArtes Sim / Dimensions/ 3Data Expert v10.3.0.16 x86/x64 + Activation Crack

DeskArtes provides professional tools for Additive Manufacturingand Simulation data preparation worldwide. DeskArtes datapreparation tools allow you to take any 3D CAD file andtriangulate, verify, heal, and modify it for the downstreamprocess. Additionally, 3D CAD design tools and 3D CAD viewing toolsfor product design and marketing are offered. Customers in theAM/CAD/CAM/CAE industry vary from small jewelry or ceramic designoffices to leading car manufacturers and other multi nationalindustrial companies, design schools to Additive Manufacturingservice bureaus and to hardware and software OEM.

3Data Expert is a professional tool forpreparing 3D models for Additive Manufacturing and Simulationapplications. There are several commands for manipulation of both3D surface models and 3D faceted models. These commands includesurface triangulation, STL verification and repair, STL offsetting,splitting, connecting, decimation, smoothing and Boolean as well asSTL coloring and texturing. Basic supports can be generated forboth Stereolithography and metal processes. With the latest 64 bitimplementation models with millions of triangles can be handledreliably. Prepared models can be sent directly to the receivingprocess using the new Plugin interface. 3Data Expert is the 3D dataprocessing tool you need to get your AM business running.

Sim Expert is a dedicated tool for preparing 3Dmodels for Simulation applications with triangle count reductionand triangle aspect ratio improvement functions. DeskArtes ExpertSeries STL model repair technology is fully available with SimExpert to prepare faceted models for accurate simulation.

Dimensions Expert is a simple, economical and userfriendly tool for STL repair and splitting for machines with asmaller build area. Dimensions Expert suites professional AdditiveManufacturing users and hobbyists alike.

Here are some key features of “DeskArtesExpert”:
– Full access to Additive Manufacturing technologies
– Reduced costs
– Higher quality
– Faster cycle times
– Increased innovation
– Greater customer involvement
– Improved marketing decisions
– Leverages investment in CAD/CAM systems
– An integrated environment
– Reduced time to market

Installer Size: ~
120 MB

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