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Digital Anarchy Texture Anarchy v1.2.4 for Adobe Photoshop Crack


Software Description: Digital Anarchy Texture Anarchy v1.2.4 for Adobe Photoshop + Crack

Texture Anarchy is a set of Adobe Photoshopfilters for creating textures and borders. With these threePhotoshop texture filters, you can create a variety of seamless,infinite textures that range from realistic and organic todesign-appropriate. Plain old math is used to generate, extend, andoutput an image.

Great features of Texture Anarchy
There are three Texture Anarchy Photoshop filters. Each provides adifferent kind of seamless procedural texture. Texture Explorer isthe centerpiece of the Photoshop textures set and creates seamlessprocedural textures. Tiler Anarchy is like Texture Explorer but itstextures are always seamlessly repeated. Edge Anarchy is designedto create textured, distressed, or ornamental borders.

Presets for a quick recipe
Presets give you an easy and fun starting point. The Preset Managerholds combinations of color, lighting and grayscale depth. Once youhave loaded a preset, you can dig into the ‘mixing’ process ofcolor, fractal noise and bump maps. Make quick adjustments to thepreset and render it out. Experiment and save your own presets tobuild a library of textures for future Photoshop projects.

Make some (fractal) noise & color
The Texture Anarchy filters create 2D or 3D Photoshop textures. Thetextures are procedural textures based on fractal noise, which isterrific for natural images like fire, smoke, clouds, and marble.The many palettes for lighting, layers, fractal noise and colorgradients are the building blocks of your textures. There are colorwells and gradients to generate interesting color combinations.There are tons of Blend Modes that set how the patterns and colorsinteract with each other.

Lighting Editor is a bright idea
The Lighting Editor in Texture Anarchy is a fun, interactive toolthat colors your textures. Lights can bring out the inherent colorof the texture or blow it away with a single strong light. With theLighting Editor, you can add up to four Lights, change the lightingdirection, adjust highlights, set shadow colors, and more. Thelighting works in 2.5D and uses a bump map to give the appearanceof real depth.

Make 3D with the Bump Well
In the Bump Well, you mix a grayscale texture with your TextureAnarchy colors. This bump map creates the 3D appearance of thetexture. This is useful for 3D texture mapping, game design andhigh-resolution compositing, especially when using Tiler Anarchy tocreate seamless, procedural textures.

Installer Size: 35.8 MB

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