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ID Photos Pro v8.2.0.9 Crack


Software Description: ID Photos Pro v8.2.0.9 Crack

ID Photos Pro 8 it’s a professional softwaredesigned for quick and automatic ID photos processing (e.g.Passport, Visa etc.) in compliance with ICAO and local regulations.Built-in database with over 250 ID formats from more than 80countries puts ID Photos Pro 8 at the top of its class.

Unlike typical photo editing software, ID Photos Pro 8 has beendeveloped especially for passport and ID photography. This is whyit’s one of the fastest and most precise tool on the market today.Only 10 seconds are needed from loading an image, its verificationprocess and the final print.

ID Photos Pro 8 takes full advantage of our proprietary algorithmsto automatically detect all relevant facial biometrics. In additionID Photos instantly aligns and crops the image to fit localpassport requirements. It detects potential issues such as mouthexpression, sunglasses, reflections and much more.

ID Photos Pro 8 wizard leads the operator through 4 simple steps toperfect passport photos. For each formats, requirements are shownby giving tips as to how the photo should be taken (e.g. againstwhat background, head view, facial expression). Thanks to this,anyone is able to make ID photo, even for the most exoticcountries.

Certificate of compliance
ID Photos prints a Certificate of Compliance with ICAO standards aswell as a Confirmation for the ePhoto format.

Compatible with all printers
The software operates with all type of printers. It allows also forseamless page export to digital minilabs.

Biometric algorithms
Automated facial & biometrics features detection currently in its2nd generation. Our fast and accurate features detection allows youto automatically process multiple photos.

Statistics and job log
A comprehensive reporting function allows you to closely monitorvital statistics such as number of prints, exports, CD/DVD burns. Adetailed Job Log of operator activities is also included.

French ePhoto format
ID Photos Pro 8 is one of the few software approved for France’sNational ePhoto Program. Operates with Wacom tablets to capture thesignature required in the ePhoto application process.

Camera tethering
Live View on a PC display and picture triggering directly from thesoftware. Most modern Canon cameras are supported. Nikon and otherscoming soon.

Page layout templates
The software comes with over 60 ready-to-use templates. GUI editorfor additional customizations such as pictures layout, additionaltexts, company logo, etc.

CD/DVD Burn, Export, Email
Direct exporting of the processed photo to a file, CD/DVD burns aswell as e-mail transfer to your customer.

Monitor and printer calibrations
ID Photos takes full advantage of Windows Color Management.Supports both manual corrections and ICC profiling with printcolors “soft proofing”.

WiFi cameras
WiFi and Watched Folder allows you to work with wireless camerasand instantly provides a photo on-screen preview.

Prompt retouch
Built-in, easy-to-use photo retouch function comes with a clonestamp as well as make-up and local adjustment tools. Integrationwith external software such as Photoshop is also available.

Background enhancement
ID Photos can adjust the background luminosity and uniformity byautomatically isolating the head and body from itssurroundings.

Photos archive
Automated archiving feature takes care of keeping all photostogether. The search engine allows the Operator to find photos viacustomer name or date taken.

Installer Size: 73.2 MB

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