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ParallelGraphics Cortona3D RapidAuthor v8.1 Suite x64 Crack


Software Description: ParallelGraphics Cortona3D RapidAuthor v8.1 Suite x64 + Activation Crack

Cortona3D RapidAuthor is a powerfulcost-effective authoring suite giving organizations the flexibilityto produce all support documentation such as interactive PartsCatalogs, Maintenance Manuals, Training Materials and WorkInstructions. The tools included in the suite enable organizationsto reuse existing CAD data or other 3D source material, to authorinteractive 3D visualizations for more effective supportdocumentation, dramatically reducing effort and timelines. Itsintuitive interface enables users with no 3D expertise to createcompelling simulations and associated text simultaneously.

This tool provides an easy to use intuitive framework that allowsauthors to easily create 3D digital interactive maintenance andoperation manuals. RapidManual uses animated 3D simulations toclearly communicate complex mechanical procedures. Using existing3D data speeds-up product documentation development and results inbetter product manuals at a fraction of the cost. 3D manualsencourage ‘Visual Know-How’ rather than reading comprehension,minimizing translation issues and improving informationretention.

This tool produces digital, interactive illustrated parts catalogsthat use 3D ‘explosions’ to illustrate complex mechanicalassemblies. Its interactive 3D environment with drill downnavigation improves the user experience and puts an end to orderingand purchasing errors. It cuts catalog production costs by reusingexisting CAD data and produces a better parts catalog that, inturn, reduces the number of customer support inquiries.

This tool combines existing CAD assets with training documentationto produce digital, interactive training applications that useanimated 3D simulations. These can be used as standaloneapplications or integrated with existing SCORM-compliant LearningManagement Systems. Research has proven time and again thatinteractive 3D learning improves comprehension, retention andon-the-job performance and costs less than product mockups,physical simulations, and other active learning approaches.

This specification component enables the fast and easy productionof digital interactive work instructions, job cards and assemblyinstructions. It re-uses content directly from engineering CADenabling the rapid creation of the MBOM and bill of process.Manufacturing engineers can quickly and easily create 3D animationsensuring that assembly workers, even in off-shore locations, knowwhat to do and how to do it – a visual explanation delivered in awork instruction saves time and increases effectiveness.

Cortona2D Editor Pro
Cortona2D Editor Pro is a graphics editor that supports thecreation, modification, and rendering of layered graphic primitives(ellipse, polygon, spline, bitmap, raster). This editor allowsauthors and illustrators to edit legacy graphics or manually edit2D graphics created with Cortona3D RapidAuthor.

Installer Size: 515 MB

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