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Pointwise v18.1 R1 x64 + v18.0 R3 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: Pointwise v18.0 R3 x86/x64 Keygen Crack

Pointwise, the next-generation of CFD meshingsoftware, is now available. A new, modern, intuitive graphicalinterface, undo & redo, highly automated mesh assembly, andother features simplify mesh generation like nothing before.Pointwise is a software solution to the top problem facingengineering analysts: mesh generation for computational fluidsdynamics (CFD).

Pointwise – The Future of Reliable CFDMeshing
Pointwise is a software solution to the top problem facingengineering analysts: mesh generation for computational fluidsdynamics (CFD).

The Reliable CFD Meshing You Trust…
Quality – We designed Pointwise so users could be in control, notthe system. Whether your grid is structured, unstructured, orhybrid, Pointwise uses high-quality techniques with powerfulcontrols so you can achieve accurate and reliable results whilereducing computer resources required.

Flexibility – Pointwise offers the best of bothworlds: advanced automation, as well as flexible manual controlsfor those times when only human intervention can create the outcomeyou demand. It’s the workhorse that gets you confidently fromdealing with less-than-perfect CAD to formatting the grid for yourflow solver.

Service – Our commitment to your success is onlybeginning with your Pointwise license. Whether you encounter atechnical issue or just need advice to get the most from Pointwise,our industry-tested engineers are ready to help. We generate morethan just grids – we also build long-term relationships.

We have combined our reliable CFD meshing with modern softwaretechinques to bring you the eponymous Pointwise – a quantum leap ingridding capability. In addition to the high quality gridtechniques we have always had, you will appreciate Pointwise’s flatinterface, automated grid assembly, and full undo and redocapabilities.

Pointwise’s well-organized and intuitive interface and exceptionalfunctionality give you the tools and the freedom to concentrate onproducing the highest-quality grids in the shortest possible time.It’s simple and logical – meaning you don’t have to get bogged downin trying to learn or remember how to use the software every timeyou sit down with it. But while being easy to use, Pointwisedoesn’t sacrifice grid quality. Pointwise provides the power toproduce the highest quality grids available. After all, youranalysis is only as good as your grid.

Pointwise supports Windows on both AMD and Intel. Currently, only32-bit support is available for Windows.

Here are some key features of “Pointwise”:
– All of the algebraic extrusion methods and associated controlsare now available.
– All of the grid point distribution tools have been implementedincluding copying distributions and creating subconnectors.
– Point probing and measurement have been implemented.
– Intersection edges from shells (faceted geometry) are nowautomatically joined into long curves.
– Three distinct modes for drawing circles have beenimplemented.
– The Orient command has been extended to connectors, domains, anddatabase entities.
– Join has been extended to work with database curves andsurfaces.
– Splitting now provides the ability to select a curve’s controlpoints as the split location.
– Image rotation points can now be entered via text in addition toselection.
– The Smooth command is now available.
– The Edit Curve command can now convert a curve to a generalizedBezier form allowing control over the slopes at each controlpoint.
– The Merge by Picking command is now available.
– Tangent lines are now visible when creating and editing conicarcs.

Installer Size: 586 + 594 MB

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