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Serif PagePlus X9 v19.0.1.19 Crack


Software Description: Serif PagePlus X9 v19.0.1.19 Crack

Create professional-quality advertising, sophisticated printdesigns and electronic documents with PagePlus X6,the best-in-class desktop publisher. From brochures to books, menusto magazines, flyers to forms, PagePlus X6 does it all quickly andeasily.

Professional Designs – Fast
Ditch the design agency and achieve high quality results fast withprofessional, easily-customisable templates. Add your own text,images and logos with drag and drop simplicity and applyeye-catching graphics styles with a single click. You can easilycreate an entire set of style-matched documents with aprofessional, consistent look in no time at all and your detailscan be automatically added to templates for an even faster finish.Of course, you can always start designing from scratch if youprefer.
With PagePlus X6, you can design more than just printed documents.If you need interactive forms, web-optimised PDFs, multimediapresentations, or HTML emails, you can create all that andmore.

Easy to Use
PagePlus X6 allows you to create varied publications withoutheadaches by offering an intuitive approach to design and practicalways to learn new techniques. On-screen ‘How To’ guides provideadvice without interrupting your workflow, while tutorial videos,online lessons and more can take you from novice to professional,painlessly – with no need to do any courses.
Plus, you’ll get free Serif Support. Our detailed Knowledge Base isavailable 24/7 and has all the answers to common queries while ourtechnical support team will respond to your emails promptly. And,on our forum, there’s a friendly online community of PagePlus usersthat can give you great advice and answers to your questions.

Logo Design
Create logos in an instant using over 400 ready-made designs. Usingtools and features like Intelligent QuickShapes, dynamic fills andinstant styles, it’s easy to adapt them to suit your business orevent.
If you are feeling more creative, you could craft your own businesslogos and graphics from scratch in the easy-to-use Logo Studio.Special text effects, shape elements, 3D art and stunning designereffects are all just a click away. And because it isolates the logoyou are working on, you won’t have any of the other page elementscrowding your view. PagePlus X6 also has fantastic output optionsso you know your logo will look great in print and on the web!

Photo Editing
Achieve the most polished results by enhancing your photos beforeprinting or publishing your designs. Correct flaws, removeblemishes, adjust, crop, transform with instant effects and addhigh quality photo frames in a matter of seconds.
A dedicated PhotoLab puts over 70 adjustments and artistic filtersat your fingertips, with many presets for popular tasks andfine-tune control for those who want it. Apply changes to wholephotos or selected areas, even neatly remove backgrounds with thevery impressive Cutout Studio.

Full PDF Editing
PDFs are the industry standard for anyone who wants to share adocument or get something professionally printed. Best-in-class PDFediting power in PagePlus X6 lets you easily change or updateexisting marketing materials, share designs with colleagues andclients, and tweak PDF documents before they are sent on.
Unlike other DTP programs, you can fully edit PDFs in PagePlus inexactly the same way as regular documents, and enjoy realcompatibility with web visitors, customers, colleagues, printersand other designers. Edit text, fonts, colours, images, and layout.Merge PDFs, add, remove and reshuffle pages, and optimise them forviewing online, sharing via email, or high quality printing.

High Quality Printing
Easy-to-understand options and settings help you create the rightPDF for your needs. Output everything from PDFs ready forprofessional printing to ones suitable for your home or officeprinter.
The new intelligent Print Studio in PagePlus X6 gives you theflexibility to print high quality designs on paper of any size andmakes it easy to print double-sided documents on regularsingle-sided printers.
Proofing tools help make sure your prints are right the first timewhile industry-standard PDF/X compatibility and colour managementlet you use any print shop for reliable, accurate and professionalresults.

Advanced Typography
Typography is an integral part of any design and now you canenhance the sophistication of your documents with attractive,professional OpenType font embellishments.
Achieve the best looking text and headings by using intelligentspacing to make the writing more legible. It can provide differentoptions for the way characters interact with each other so youchoose the best-looking combination for your document. Writedesigner headlines with swirling letters. Use stylish drop-caps,just like your favourite fairy-tale, add charismatic flourishes,insert traditional ligatures, use character styles that adapt towhat’s nearby and more.

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