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SILKYPIX JPEG Photography v8.2.14.0 Crack


Software Description: SILKYPIX JPEG Photography v8.2.14.0 Keygen Crack

With SILKYPIX JPEG Photography 8, you canrelease your creativity! Improve your JPEG photos taken withdigital cameras, smart phones, and other devices. Use clarity toolsto adjust sharpness, the freehand selection brush and other tools.Produce the high quality photo you imagined when you took yourpicture.

Although JPEG data uses 8 bit (256 gradations) gradation, it isautomatically expanded to 16 bit (65,536 gradations) using SILKYPIXRAW Bridge. By treating JPEG data in a similar way to RAW data,high gradation rich image quality adjustment is possible.

Easy Editing with Tastes
SILKYPIX JPEG Photography includes “tastes”, a kind of preset thatincorporates useful styles and forms. Choose a taste such as”Landscape” or “Portrait” to make a finished photograph easily thatfits your image. In addition, you can save all of your custom,adjusted parameters as a taste preset. Parameters are very usefulfunctions, and you can easily recreate themes and styles across anynumber of photographs you take.

Freely remove dust, fix image orientation and crop your photo!
Remove unwanted objects using the Spotting Tool, such as dust thatmay appear due to contamination of your camera sensor. You can alsoadjust and apply rotation and cropping as you wish.

Process multiple photos at once
If you work with multiple images at the same time (such as imagesshot with continuous shooting), and adjust the taste andparameters, you can make corrections for all selected images atonce. For example, even if you darken the exposure setting of thecamera, if you select that picture and make correction, you cancorrect all the selected images at once.

Preview differences due to paper quality on your monitor
SILKYPIX offers color management for monitor viewing or printing,including a “Printer proof” system that lets you simulate printedresults from an ICC profile. These features support a process fromaccurate editing for printing. * Requires monitor that supportscolor management.

Clarity adjustment
Increasing clarity improves details of the subject of your photo,so easy the Clarity Adjustment tool is effective when you have aphoto with apparent haze. In contrast, by reducing clarity you canfinish with a soft ambience like with a soft focus that is oftendesirable in personal portraits.

Brush selector added to Partial Correction tools
Previous versions of SILKYPIX include two types of partialcorrection, but this release adds a brush tool for truly free handselection of areas for correction. This is very useful whenapplication of circular or gradual selections and corrections arenot precise enough.

Convert and customize color photos to monochrome
The Monochrome Controller is a dedicated tool for monochromepictures. Eight kinds of “Color filters” can be selected, and it ispossible to reproduce filters when shooting monochrome photographson your screen. In addition, since the “Lightness” can be adjustedfor each hue, you can make a highly customized finish to your blackand white photographs. Even beginners of black and whitephotography can easily switch between color and monochrome imagesafter applying parameters in the preview display, so you will learnmore about monochrome photography due to changes in color.

Easily color correct and improve under water photos
With the Underwater Photo Controller, you can correct bluishness orother color issues that can be challenging to address with manywhite balance correction tools normally used on other types ofphotos. This also includes color restoration parameters, whichreproduces colors lost in water, as well as reduction tools toeliminate murkiness of water.

Focus Peaking
Automatically detect the area in your photo that your camera wasfocused on while shooting using a powerful SILKYPIX detectionsystem based on adjacent pixels, and then indicate it on the photofor correction purposes. You can clearly and easily find andimprove areas of focus.

Streamlined, Easier User Experience
SILKYPIX now has a cleaner, easier to navigate design that makes iteasier to focus on what is important: improving your photos.Beginners and professionals will find the tools they need fasterand adjustment functions easier to use. You can also change thebackground color to suit your tastes.

Installer Size: 102 MB

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