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Thinkbox Frost MX v2.3.6 For Autodesk 3ds Max 2013-2018 x64 Crack


Software Description: Thinkbox Frost MX v2.3.6 For Autodesk 3ds Max 2013-2018 x64 + Activation Crack

Thinkbox Frost is a particle mesher plug-in forAutodesk 3ds Max which can generate a single mesh from particles,vertex clouds, object positions and point data files using variousiso-surface or geometry cloning techniques. Frost takes fulladvantage of modern multi-core hardware and can producemulti-million polygon meshes from millions of points in a matter ofseconds without excessive processing memory usage. Frost integratestightly with Krakatoa, Thinkbox Softwares production-provenvolumetric particle rendering and management toolkit. Thecombination of the two products introduces a new, highly effectiveparticle post-processing pipeline.

This new workflow increases the artist’s productivity bydecoupling the particle simulation from the meshing process,leading to faster iterations of both in the following ways:
– Frost and Krakatoa remove the need to handle geometry processingduring the particle simulation, while speeding up the tweaking ofthe final mesh thanks to the history-independent nature of theKrakatoa particle data streams.
– The Krakatoa MagmaFlow editor exposes advanced controls overFrost meshing parameters like particle size, geometry instancing,animation timing, material assignment and more.
– Frost provides a new approach to increasing the particle countsof existing simulations from thousands to millions while preservingvital data like velocities and mapping coordinates, once againspeeding up the simulation process while supplying Krakatoa withthe high-density clouds it handles so well.
– Frost extends the Krakatoa pipeline into the realm of traditionalgeometry rendering using all renderers available for 3ds Max.

Installer Size: 73.7 MB

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