Tue. Dec 6th, 2022
Abyssmedia ScriptCryptor Compiler v4.0.0.0 Crack


Software Description: Abyssmedia ScriptCryptor Compiler v4.0.0.0 + Crack

ScriptCryptor Compiler lets you quickly producestandalone, royalty free applications from your VBS or JS files.VBScript or JScript files will be converted into EXE files, thesource of your scripts will be encrypted with Blowfish algorithm.Once converted, they cannot be modified or viewed by otherusers.
ScriptCryptor Compiler also lets you set various resources in the.EXE file, such as its description, the company name, versioninformation and even the application icon. In additional, you mayinclude any files to compiled exe file and use it duringexecution.

Here are some key features of “ScriptCryptorCompiler”:
– Convert Javascript and VBScript to console or windowed programms(VBS to EXE, JS to EXE)
– No temporary file will be created while executing.
– Command-line compilation
– Hides and protects sources of a script from viewing.
– Highlight command’s syntaxis inside built-in editor
– Allows you to use your own Icon and Version Info for compiledfiles.
– Built-in WScript object
– Script become independent Win32 executables, without relying on”cscript.exe” or “wscript.exe”

Installer Size: 2.99 MB

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