Mon. Jan 30th, 2023
BitRock InstallBuilder Enterprise v6.5.4 Crack


Software Description: BitRock InstallBuilder Enterprise v6.5.4 + Activation Crack

BitRock InstallBuilder is an interestingapplication created to help you simplify software packaging anddeployment.
From a single build environment, these development tools allow youto quickly create easy to use, multiplatform installers with anative look and feel on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris and otherplatforms. Multiple installation modes let installers run onservers, workstations, and desktops.

Here are some key features of “BitRock InstallBuilderEnterprise”:
– Desktop Integration : BitRock installers provide native look andfeel and desktop integration for Windows, KDE and Gnome.
– RPM Integration : BitRock installers can register your softwarewith the RPM package database, combining ease of use with thepowerful RPM package management system.
– RPM and DEB generation : In addition to creating nativeexecutables that can register with the RPM subsystem, BitRockInstallBuilder can generate RPM and Debian packages that can beinstalled using the native package management tools.
– Optimized : BitRock installers are optimized in size and speedand do not require a self-extraction step, reducing download,startup and installation time. Built-in LZMA support provides greatcompression ratios.
– No External Dependencies : BitRock installers are single-file,self-contained native executables with no external dependencies andminimal overhead. Unlike competing products, all BitRock installersare truly native code and do not require bundling a Java RuntimeEnvironment.
– Ease of Use : BitRock installers provide an intuitive and easy touse interface on all platforms, even for end users without previousLinux experience.
– Ease of Development : BitRock InstallBuilder includes an easy tolearn, easy to use GUI environment. Design, build and testinstallers with the click of a button.
– Time Saving Functionality : For advanced users, a friendly XMLproject format supports source control integration, collaborativedevelopment and customizing projects both by hand and usingexternal scripts. A command line interface allows you to automateand integrate the building process. QuickBuild functionality allowsyou to update installers in a few seconds, without having to repackthe entire application.
– Built-in actions : BitRock InstallBuilder provides convenientbuilt-in actions for commonly required installation functionalitysuch as autodetecting a Java(tm) Runtime, changing file permissionsand ownership, substituting text in a file, adding environmentvariables, adding directories to the path, creating symbolic links,changing the Windows registry, launching external scripts and soon.%

Installer Size: 109.7 MB

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