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dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.8.50 Professional Edition x64 Crack


Software Description: dbForge Studio for Oracle v3.8.50 Professional Edition x64 Full Crack

dbForge Studio for Oracle is a powerfulintegrated development environment (IDE) which helps Oracledevelopers to increase PL/SQL coding speed, provides versatile dataediting tools for managing in-database and external data. This toolallows to synchronize data between different Oracle servers andautomate schema change management process during development. Italso adds lots of features wrapped into a smooth management GUIconsistent with Microsoft Visual Studio.

Write, format, and refactor PL/SQL codecomfortably
– IntelliSense-like PL/SQL code completion
– Customizable code formatting
– Code snippets
– Refactor PL/SQL code

Observe the run-time behavior of your program and locatelogic errors
– Step through code with the PL/SQL debugger
– Step into, over, or out of the code
– Break into code by using breakpoints or Break All

Query Profiler
– Compare query profiling results visually
– Get session statistics for the query
– Keep DDL and DML of executed queries at hand

Compare schemas and data and deploy changes
– Identify differences between your environments
– Command line automation
– Get rid of errors while migrating database changes fromdevelopment, to test and production

Database Project
Database project greatly helps you facilitate your databasedevelopment:
– Create a database project either empty or with imported databaseobjects
– Manage SQL scripts and query files in the project
– Deploy either an entire project or only required changes to theserver

Database Change Management
When modifying Oracle database structure, transferring data betweenservers, analyzing differences between databases, you will:
– Compare and sync data and schemas
– Schedule regular database sync tasks
– Generate comparison report

Object Manager
Database objects are displayed as a tree in Database Explorer. Toedit any object, you can call the corresponding visual editor fromthis window. You can:
– Manage tables from one window
– Use Undo option for object editor
– Use ability to browse schema objects in a single editor (pindocument)

Query Profiler
Improve multi-second queries using Query Profiler. The tool helpsyou detect problems and optimize SQL queries via GUI. Profiler:
– Offers visual query profiling
– Compares profiling results

Installer Size: 39.34 MB

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