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Embarcadero Delphi 10.2.2 Build 2004 Tokyo Lite 14.3 Crack


Software Description: Embarcadero Delphi 10.2.2 Build 2004 Tokyo Lite 14.3 Crack

Delphi was originally a confidential researchproject at Borland which evolved into a product that was to becalled AppBuilder. Shortly before the first release of Borland’sAppBuilder, Novell AppBuilder was released, leaving Borland in needof a new name.
Delphi (aka Delphi 14, code named Weaver; number 13 was skipped),was released on August 25, 2009 and is the second Unicode releaseof Delphi. It includes a new compiler RTTI system, support forWindows 7 direct 2D, touch screen and gestures, a source codeformatter, debugger visualizers and the option to also have the oldstyle component palette in the IDE. The new RTTI system makeslarger executables than previous versions.

Here are some key of “Delphi”:
– RADically reduce development time and build Windows applicationsup to 5x faster than with other development solutions
– Speed your way from prototype to production with visualdrag-and-drop tools and a powerful component library
– Free your customers from keyboards with dazzling touch basedUIs
– RAD IDE with fast drag-and-drop design
– More than 250+ VCL controls
– Built-in touch and gesturing support
– dbExpress with support for 9 major databases
– DataSnap n-tier middleware with JSON, REST, HTTP, COM, andXML
– Debugging support for multi-threaded applications
– UML / code metrics and audits
– Target Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 from singlesource

Installer Size: 2925 MB

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