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ARTeMIS Modal v4.0.0.6 Crack


Software Description: ARTeMIS Modal v4.0.0.6 + Full Crack

ARTeMIS Modal is the most powerful andversatile tool for Operational Modal Analysis on the market today.Its ability to produce validated modal parameter estimates, basedon parallel analysis of up to seven different analysis techniques,makes it the natural choice in mission critical applications.

From the patented Frequency Domain Decomposition (FDD) techniquesto the unique Crystal Clear Stochastic Subspace Identification(CC-SSI) techniques, ARTeMIS Modal enable engineers to obtainvalidated estimates the mode shapes, natural frequencies anddamping ratios, directly from the raw measured time series data ofstructures under natural conditions.

The modal analysis software for the vast number of cases whereit is preferred not to control or measure the loading.The softwareis used by engineers all over the world for modal analysis of allkinds of structures:

– Operating machinery or other mechanical structures with orwithout rotating components.
– Large civil engineering structures like bridges, dams andbuildings subjected to ambient loads.
– Structures with rotating components such as wind turbines, streamturbines, engines and gas compressors.
– Maritime structures like ships and offshore structures.
– Automotive, trucks, trains and vehicles and sub partssystems.
– Aerospace structures such as launch vehicles and aircrafts.

The software is an open, and user friendly platform for modaltesting, modal analysis and modal problem solving. If you canmeasure the vibrations, ARTeMIS Modal can give you the modes interms of mode shape, natural frequency and damping ratio.

Installer Size: 256 MB

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