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ChemOffice Professional v17.0.0.206 Build 121 Crack


Software Description: ChemOffice Professional v17.0.0.206 Build 121 Crack Patch

ChemOffice Professional is a scientificallyintelligent, integrated suite of personal productivity tools thatenables scientists and researchers to capture, store, retrieve andshare data and information on compounds, reactions, materials andtheir properties. ChemOffice Professional helps chemists andbiologists to efficiently keep track of their work, visualize andgain a deeper understanding of their results and correlatebiological activity with chemical structures.

ChemOffice Professional includes the followingapplications:
– ChemDraw Professional: is used by hundreds of thousands ofscientists around the world to quickly and effectively drawmolecules, reactions and biological entities and pathways for usein documents and electronic lab notebooks; to search databases, nowincluding SciFinder; to generate accurate names from structures;and to predict properties and spectra.
– ChemDraw for Excel: adds chemical intelligence to Excelspreadsheets so that chemists can use Excel’s analysis, sorting andorganization tools to further manipulate and enrich sets ofcompounds and data and explore structure-activityrelationships.
– Chem3D: generates 3D models so that chemists can view theircompounds in three dimensions to assess shape and properties tomaximize activity or specificity. Chem3D also includes GAMESS andinterfaces to other computational tools including Gaussian, MOPAC,Conflex and Autodock.
– ChemFinder: is a chemically-intelligent personal database systemthat scientists use to organize their compounds and to search forand correlate structures with properties and to transform data intoeasy to understand visualizations, cluster maps and ideal compoundprofiles to easily discern structure-activity relationships.
– ChemFinder for Office: scans files and directories for chemicalstructures and can be used to search documents by structure tolocate compounds of interest.
– ChemScript: is scripting language that exposes the underlyingchemical structure processing power of ChemOffice to developers whowant to manipulate structures and automate processes.
– CDSL Mobile: is a site-deployable version of ChemDraw for iPadfor Site Subscription customers.
– ChemDraw Direct: is a zero-download JavaScript version ofChemDraw for use in adding chemical intelligence to webapplications. It is the sketcher used in PerkinElmer InformaticsElements cloud-based collaboration platform and is available toSite Subscription customers.

The tight integration that ChemOffice Professional provides betweenthese chemistry and biology applications enhances their individualvalue by enabling cross functional R&D teams to easily sharefiles and documents and therefore communicate and collaborate moreeffectively.

ChemOffice Professional enhances scientists’ personal productivityand helps them do better science by enabling them to organize andexplore their compounds, reactions, materials and associatedproperties so that data can be turned into actionable information,and decisions can be made with greater confidence.

Installer Size: 390 MB

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