Thu. Mar 30th, 2023
ProKalc v7.9e Crack


Software Description: ProKalc v7.9e + Full Crack

ProKalc is a full-featured scientific/financialcalculator with scrolling tape. Using a point-and-click interface,you enter data for trig, exponential, scientific, and amortizationproblems and get immediate answers, with your input reviewable ontape.
You can print results to the Clipboard, a file, or a printer. Teneditable memory locations, online context-sensitive help, andpop-up work screens for complex calculations. This applicationsupports 15-digit accuracy in scientific mode, but also multi-panefinancial and geometry modules that will ease yourcalculations.

Here are some key features of “ProKalc”:
-Performs scientific as well as financial and geometrycalculations.
-Features a scrolling tape.
-Tape data can be copied to Windows clipboard and to file.
-Results of calculations can be sent to printer.
-Features integrated help for quick access on each function.
-15 digit accuracy with no rounding errors.
-Loan, Interest, Currency, Dividend, Profit/Loss, PV/FV, andInvestment calculations.
-Capable of trigonometric as well as hyperbolic calculations.
-10 memory locations – memory saved between sessions.
-Powers, roots, permutations, combinations, factorials, absolutes,etc.
-Excellent choice for school, business, and home.
-Windows XP Themes enabled.

Installer Size: 0.99 MB

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