Sun. Mar 26th, 2023
CAMPS v4.2.1 Crack


Software Description: CAMPS v4.2.1 Crack Serial

CAMPS (Computer Assisted Music ProcessingSystem) is a one of its kind program on the market that actuallyanalyzes a given melody line using musical intelligence based onour patented technologies which, unlike other programs, does NOTdepend on pre-stored massive melody database.

In addition, CAMPS’s unique intelligence suggests a numerousnumber of chords and chord progressions including voicingtechniques all that fit with the given melody line and, if any,other parts.

CAMPS knows Music Theory such as Chord Scale, Upper StructureTriads, Subdominant Minors, Modal Harmony, etc., that would behelpful when you need to completely try out all the alternativeMelody lines and Chords in your composition.

Installer Size: 17.55 MB

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