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CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v15.0.2623.58 Crack


Software Description: CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra v15.0.2623.58 Crack Serial

CyberLink’s most advanced movie and mediaplayer to date, PowerDVD delivers 3D and HD movieson the PC. In other words, this software is a one-of-a-kindmultimedia player which provides the best playback quality possibletoday.
Whether it is 3D movie content, captured home videos, or yourdigital music files, PowerDVD lets you access them all from thesame convenient player software, enhancing your experience in allkinds of new ways.

Play Any Media – movies, videos,photos & music:
· Ultimate Blu-ray player and Blu-ray 3D movie experience withsupport for CPU/GPU hardware acceleration for superb playbackquality.
· Ultra-fast Instant Seek to search for the movie scene you want towatch on your DVDs.
· Vast Video format support lets you play almost every video file,including MKV (H.264), FLV (H.264), WTV, 3GP and 3G2 files.
· Play Photos in Slideshows. You can enjoy photos stored on yourPC, smart device or DLNA server, or from Facebook and Flickr.
· Best Music Player that organizes and plays your music collectionfrom your Windows 7 music library.

Upgrade Your Media Experience with TrueTheater:
Enhance Quality of ALL Your Media. Whether it’s a video on your PC,from your network devices or from Youtube, PowerDVD 11 upscales toHD–like quality for ultimate enjoyment.
Play 2D content in 3D. Apply Truetheater 3D to your DVDs, videosand photos. Relive your content with realism and depth.
Perfect home videos. Stabilize shaky videos, remove noise andenhance brightness and details, PowerDVD 11 makes your videos lookgreat.

Enjoy PowerDVD with Your Smart Devices:
· Newsmart device app, PowerDVD Remote, offers even more ways for you toenjoy your digital entertainment.
· Turn smart devices to Remote Control for your PowerDVD 11 Blu-rayplayer, DVD movies, videos, music and photos with a tap of yourfinger.
· Play Media from Devices to PowerDVD. With PowerDVD Remote you caneasily watch and save all of your media from phone to PC wirelesslythrough the home network.
· Support for Apple & Android Devices. Supports the AppleiPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, along with Android-based phones andtablets.

Your Social Media Hub – for Youtube, Facebook andFlickr:
· Watch videos from Youtube – Easily access your videos, favorites,subscribers and movie trailers on YouTube. Upload your videosdirectly from PowerDVD.
· Access photos from Facebook and Flickr – View your own photos orfriends’ photos in animated slideshows. Comment on photos anddownload to your desktop.
· Get movie info from MoovieLive – Access information of the movieyou are watching, rate and review movies and collect yourfavorites.

PowerDVD To-Go – enjoy your Media wherever yougo:
· Companion software MediaEspresso lets you convertand transfer your media from PCs to portables.
· Smart Detect & Direct Sync. MediaEspresso automaticallyselects the right format for your smart phones, game consoles andother media players.
· Ultra Fast Media Conversion. Support for leading CPU/GPU hardwareacceleration means transferring hours of videos can be done in muchless time.

Here are some key features of “PowerDVD”:
Brilliant Blu-ray & DVD Movies:
· PowerDVD delivers the smoothest movie playback with itsoptimization for leading CPU/GPU technologies including 2ndgeneration Intel Core processors, AMD and NVIDIA. Leveraging thefull power of your graphics hardware results in superb playbackquality and reduced loading on your PC’s own system resources.
· Also featuring new Instant Seek for fast search of movie scenesyou want to watch on a DVD disc.
The Next Dimension in Blu-ray: Blu-ray 3D:
· Blu-ray 3D is now a reality. With vivid dimensions in picturedepth and crystal-clear images that leap out of your screen, youwill be fully immersed in the movies. Try out the hi-def 3Dexperience in your own home with PowerDVD.
· And PowerDVD Cinema Mode now also features an entirely 3D userinterface for your 3D titles so that you can immerse yourself inthe 3D experience from start to finish!

Enjoy HD Audio for Your HD Movies:
· Match your visual experience with the best audio available.Experience crisp audio with lossless pass-through for Dolby TrueHDand DTS-HD Master Audio. Support for HDMI 1.4 allows simultaneoustransfer of multi-channel high-definition audio using onehassle-free cable.

Vast Video Playback Support:
· PowerDVD is the ultimate player for the viewing of HD video onyour PC. Whether you’re playing back AVCHD format home videoscaptured on your camcorder, or MKV & FLV files you’vedownloaded online, PowerDVD lets you play it back flawlessly.

View Photos in Animated Slideshows:
· PowerDVD’s new photo feature is so much more than just a viewer.Not only can you view photos stored on your PC, smart device orDLNA server, you can also check out images from Facebook and Flickr– all in the one convenient place.
· And if you’re a fan of animated photo slideshows, PowerDVD willput both 2D and 3D productions together for you at the click of abutton.

Enjoy Favorite Music Playlists:
· With support for Windows 7 music library, PowerDVD can sort yourfavorite music by title, album, artist, genre, length or size.Enjoy your favorite music tracks with easy-to-make playlists and ifyou enjoy a background soundtrack to your photo browsing,simplyselect whatever music you’re in the mood for then navigate to the“Photos” tab and browse through your images with an audioaccompaniment.

Installer Size: 344.75 MB

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