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SignalLab SIGVIEW v3.1.0.1 x64 Crack


Software Description: SignalLab SIGVIEW v3.1.0.1 x64 Full Crack

SIGVIEW is real-time and offline signalanalysis software package with wide range of powerful signalanalysis tools, statistics functions and a comprehensivevisualization system. SIGVIEW is highly customizable and flexiblebut does not require any programming know-how.

Here are some key features of “SIGVIEW”:
– Support for wide range of data acquisition devices, from commonsound cards to professional DAQ devices. Various options fortriggering, decimation and file-logging are included. The followingdevice types are supported:
NIDAQmx compatible DAQ devices from National Instruments® (voltageinput, IEPE velocity/force/acceleration)
Measurement Computing® DAQ devices (12/16/24-bit voltage input)
LabJack® U3 and U6 USB DAQ devices (voltage input)
Microsoft Windows® compatible sound cards (DirectSound and ASIOdriver models are supported)
– Real time data display, signal analysis and control. You can workwith live signals and observe results immediately.
– Import and export of signal files in numerous formats: WAV, MP3,ASCII, WMA, AU, AIFF, SND, 8/16/32-bit binary files, EDF…
– Optimized FFT algorithm with fine parameter tuning and variouspre and postprocessing options: windowing, zero-padding, powerspectrum and PSD, automatic averaging, test for spectral peaksintegrity,…
– Spectrogram and Time-FFT functions with powerful graphicaldisplay solutions
– Dual channel (cross-spectral) analysis (cross spectrum,coherence, cross correlation,…)
– Signal filtering (Bandstop, Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass)
– Real-time arithmetics on signals (subtract, multiply, add, scale,normalize…)
– Various statistics functions: peak hold, averaging, smoothing,removing linear trend, probability distribution… Analog-styleinstruments for real-time display of important signalparameters
– Custom filter curves can be freely defined and applied directlyto time-domain signal or to the calculated spectrum
– Advanced signal display and handling options: unlimited overlays,unlimited number of markers and annotations for each signal,parallel signal display (EEG style), cut/copy/paste signal parts,unlimited zoom levels, VCR-style commands for audio playing,…
– Signal generator including sine signal, white and pink noise,step signal, sweep signal,…
– Graphical block diagram environment improves productivity whenworking with complex analysis systems
– Custom tools and workspaces can be created and later reused orexchanged with other SIGVIEW users
– Various command-line options for automation and remote controlfrom external applications or from simple batch files
– No artificial or license-based limitations: million points FFTscan easily be calculated; dozens of signals can be combined andanalyzed at the same time.
– Field-proven by thousands of satisfied users.

Installer Size: 18.2 MB

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