Fri. Mar 31st, 2023
LastPass v4.1.47 x86/x64 Crack


Software Description: LastPass v4.1.47 x86/x64 Keygen Serial

LastPass is a password manager and Form Fillerthat makes your web browsing easier and more secure for InternetExplorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari which allows youto import from every major password storage vendor and export too,captures passwords that other managers won’t including many AJAXforms, and allows you to make strong passwords easily.

Here are some key features of “LastPass”:
Stop remembering passwords:
– Your LastPass master password is the only password you’ll everneed.

Automatically fill forms:
– Set up multiple ‘profiles’ and automatically fill your personalinformation into web forms accurately and safely.

Stop typing in passwords:
– Easily log into your websites seamlessly with a single click ofyour mouse button.

Protect against identity theft:
– Your sensitive data is encrypted on your PC. Only your LastPasspassword can unlock your data and only YOU have it.

Using multiple browsers/computers:
– Your data is securely synchronized across all devices giving youaccess to it anywhere at anytime.

Store other types of data securely:
– Your LastPass vault isn’t limited to only securely storingusernames and passwords – ANY confidential text data can be placedin your vault for safe keeping.

Installer Size: 26.5+ 38.5 MB

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