Tue. Nov 29th, 2022
Web Data Extractor Pro v3.5 Crack


Software Description: Web Data Extractor Pro v3.5 Crack Patch

Web Data Extractor Pro is a web scraping toolspecifically designed for mass-gathering of various data types. Itcan harvest URLs, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, as wellas meta tag information and body text. Special feature of WDE Prois custom extraction of structured data. This high-speed andmultithreaded program works by using a keyword into search engines,by spidering a website or a list of URLs from a file. You can alsoallow it to follow external links from the original pages, with thecapability to go as deep into the URL paths as you need andactually search the entire Internet.
Web Data Extractor is superior for harvesting structuredinformation and specific data types related to the keywords youprovide by searching through multiple layers of websites.

Here are some key features of “Web DataExtractor”:
– Completely new powerful spidering engine
– Completely reworked UI – slick & sexy
– Pro version of WDE doesn’t have any limits – feel free to processthousands of sites, gigabytes of data
– Extremely fast search and accuracy
– Extract any data you want by Custom data extraction
– Support of working with proxy servers’ list
– New session management allows you manage huge amount of data
– Brand new simplified user interface
– Unicode support

Installer Size: 6.52 MB

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