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Livestock Software Pack v03.08.2017 Crack


Software Description: Livestock Software Pack v03.08.2017 + Full Crack

The Livestock Managers Programs are designed tofacilitate your best livestock management practices, bringing toattention the criteria required for your most informed decisionmaking. As you may have spotted from the Farm Maintenance and RanchExtras sections our programs reach out beyond livestock management.Providing focus into all areas of your farm, ranch or homestead,easy to use and all from one place.
When people realize what they are truly capable of with oursoftware, they know they’ve got a powerful management tool forhandling what they have set out to do… and they can’t keep it asecret! So much so that we recently started the Refer-A-Friendprogram to show our appreciation and as a reward to our customersfor their confidence.

Finally, relax knowing that everything is there, clear to see inone place, livestock plus your equipment, tractors, vehicles, realestate, file cabinet, working animals and more. So many of ourvalued customers say that what they love about our software is thatthey are empowered to do things in the way they set out to. As youbegin to get up to speed fast with an easy to learn and openlayout, you’ll see why too, with comprehensive reports, detailedrecords and performance metrics all just one or two clicksaway.

Cow-Calf Manager 007 – Cattle Record Keeping
Our flagship product, the Cow-Calf Manager 007 makes cattle recordkeeping simple, because the Cow-Calf 007 is cattle software formanaging all aspects of your cattle operation. That’s why theCow-Calf covers the whole range, from sophisticated livestockreports, optimized to make the most of your valuable time, tomaintenance and equipment inventory, so that nothing is overlookedon your ranch, farm or homestead, whatever the size.

Sheep Manager 007 – Sheep Record Keeping
Sheep operations world-wide rely on the Sheep Manager 007 for theirsheep record keeping, sheep performance rating and flock managementrequirements. Because our sheep software offers an all in onesolution, from flock management features like Ewe Production Indexcalculation and ranking of ewes and rams by any weight measurementin lambs produced, to handy sections for ranch and equipmentmaintenance.

Deer Manager 007 – Deer Record Keeping
As our many satisifed customers can attest, the Deer Manager 007 isa cost effective software assistant in maintaining a profitabledeer operation. As you’ll soon discover, it’s a complete deerrecord keeping system that includes integrated submittal of NorthAmerican Deer Registry – NADR forms, Texas Annual Reports, AntlerScoring, Harvest reports, Feed Stands, Food Plots, ranch andequipment maintenance and so much more.

Goat Manager 007 – Goat Record Keeping
From commercial dairy, meat and wool goat operations to farms,ranches and homesteads of all sizes, the Goat Manager 007 softwareis in service world-wide. Because the Goat Manager 007 delivers adependable, easy to use, complete record keeping and herdproductivity program for managing all aspects of goat productionand the multitude of stubborn tasks faced on your ranch. So thatyou can be freed up to enjoy the rewards of your hard work towardsthe future you have envisioned.

Equine Manager 007 – Equine Record Keeping
For ranches, both small and large, the Equine 007 is a powerfulproductivity tool for improving profitability. Discover how easy isto use and maintain complete and accurate records assisted by somany time saving features. Like being able to medicate, wean orbreed one animal and apply that to the entire herd. So that whenyou’re ready sell or enter a show, you’ll command a comprehensiveset of reports that bring it all together and show off what you’vegot with features like our full picture pedigree charts.

Alpaca Manager 007 – Alpaca Record Keeping
Whether you run a commercial alpaca operation or a family farm withonly a few, you’ll find, as so many others have, that the AlpacaManager 007 is a sophisticated program capable of handling the mostdemanding record keeping burdens of your ranch. All the while,remaining very easy to use and enjoy with full picture pedigreecharts and many, many other useful reports and features.

Swine Manager 007 – Swine Record Keeping
Developed using herd improvement guidelines, adjustment factors,selection indexes and composition equations as published by theNational Swine Improvement Federation, the Swine 007 let’s youbring out the full potential of your herd. Have a look and see howthe Swine Manager 007 delivers a dependable, easy to use, completeswine record keeping program for managing all aspects of swineproduction and ranch management.

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