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pdf2picture v11.0.3.1 Crack


Software Description: pdf2picture v11.0.3.1 Keygen Serial

pdf2picture v11 turns PDF into editable Visiofiles. Edit PDF in Visio or create SVG for the web withpdf2picture. Transform your vector PDF, EPS and AI files intoeditable vector drawings, scalable vector graphics (SVG) for theWeb and high-fidelity image formats. With just this one program,you’ll be able to generate the perfect format for your project.

pdf2picture is an ideal companion for Visio, Microsoft Office,Publisher, Google Apps, SketchUp and more. We know your time isvaluable. pdf2picture will pay for itself after just one use intime saved redrawing or cleaning up traced results.

Begin by choosing vector or image mode and then select your outputformat. It might be WMF for Visio, SVG for the Web or EPS for amarketing brochure. No matter what you choose, you can be assured aquick conversion with the highest quality possible.

Choose vector mode (WMF, EMF, EPS or SVG) if you want to extractthe objects and text for editing. Image mode (JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF)is excellent for resizing images or making them Web-ready.

Here are some key features of”pdf2picture”:
– Convert PDF, EPS and Adobe Illustrator (.ai) formats
– Use either vector (WMF, EMF, EPS and SVG) or image (JPEG, GIF,PNG, TIFF, BMP) modes
– Convert single files or multiple files using built in batchmode
– Accurately reproduce objects in the native Windows vectorformat
– Generate HTML5 standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for use inapplications and on the web.
– Export editable EPS files for desktop publishing and printproduction.
– Preserve searchable PDF text as editable text in vectoroutput
– Merge characters into words and words into one-line text stringsfor improved editing and searching
– Apply font name mappings during conversion (correct or substitutefonts)
– Automatically preserve original PDF sheet size
– Rotate output by any degree
– Crop output to eliminate white space
– Emulate PDF clipping/cropping commands
– Ignore vectors, images and/or text during conversion
– User-definable syntax for naming multi-page files
– Convert multi-page PDF to multiple single-page Web images
– Simplified interface for more direct conversions to WMF
– Includes free WMF viewer
– Helpful reports on errors and warnings
– Expanded support for non-standard font encodings

Installer Size: 6.85 MB

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