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ViewMate Pro v11.12.28 Crack


Software Description: ViewMate Pro v11.12.28 Cracked

ViewMate is designed for today’s power user.Now equipped with a DXF File Converter to give users the ability toconvert Gerber to DXF and DXF to Gerber, ViewMate Pro has morevalue than ever before! When using ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM youcan check data for a host of violations. And not just one layer ata time! Multiple violations, multiple layers with fast, accurateresults. The system provides an ASCII error report, and inaddition, creates a Gerber file that makes correcting plot files asnap.

How about filleting, silkscreen clipping, draw-to-flash, orventing and thieving?
These functions are all automated! All you do is set the parametersonce, the system does the rest. Fast and accurate, every time!
ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM is packed with features; circularinterpolation, modifying D Codes, merging aperture lists, movingdata, aligning layers, entering text at any size and location.ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM has the functionality to handle eventhe most complex data.
No more guessing what your circuit board will look like. No morewaiting for photo-plots or worse, your prototype circuit board, tosee your true design. With ViewMate Pro, with Smart DFM, you canrest assured that the capabilities you need for today’s andtomorrows challenges are there when you need them.

Here are some key features of “ViewMate”:
– Smart DFM automated design for manufacturing check andcorrect
– DXF File Converter
– Import multiple net-list formats
– Venting & Thieving
– Filleting
– Fill Polygons
– Solder-mask Generation
– Overlap Correction
– Draw to Flash Pad Conversion
– Snap to Padmaster
– Easily Quote and Order circuits boards within your design
– Copper area calculation
– Solder-mask generation
– Copper pouring
– Silkscreen clipping
– Automated Venting & thieving
– Board Cleanup Functions
– One year of free technical support
– And, much more!

Installer Size: 64.4 MB

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