Sun. Jan 29th, 2023
Net Monitor for Employees Professional v5.5.6 Crack


Software Description: Net Monitor for Employees Professional v5.4.6 + Crack

Net Monitor for Employees Pro is a cross-platform monitoringapplication that gives users direct access to multiple remotecomputers. This comes in handy, especially when you need to viewthe activity of each user and assist him or her in carrying outdifferent tasks by using the mouse and keyboard on the remotePC.

Add a passkey protection and save recordings toAVI
As soon as you run the program, you are asked to encrypt data bysetting up passwords. The interface is straightforward and enablesyou to add, remove, connect or disconnect from remotecomputers.

What’s more, you can record the activity of users’ screens to AVIfiles, share your desktop with other remote users, takescreenshots, display messages on the selected screen, and lockPCs.

Actions you can take or schedule
The application enables you to perform different tasks on theremote computers, such as turn off or restart the PC, start or stopscreensavers, lock workstations, log off users, as well as opendocuments and webpages. The recording session can be manuallystarted or scheduled at a specified time interval.

View running processes and block certain web pages andports
Net Monitor for Employees Pro displays a list with all the runningprocesses on the selected PC, and gives you the possibility torefresh the list automatically or kill processes, block access todifferent websites by creating lists with keywords and displayingwarning messages, close web browsers, or redirect users to otherURLS. Plus, you can block network ports to prevent Internetbrowsing.

All things considered, Net Monitor for Employees Pro offers anintuitive working environment and useful features for helping youmonitor and control multiple computers at the same time. Theresponse time is quite good, the system’s performance is not goingto be burdened and we did not come across any hangs or bugs in ourtests. A lighter version of this program is available, called NetMonitor for Employees.

Installer Size: 35.4 MB

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