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Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 v6.0.0.14 Crack


Software Description: Ashampoo UnInstaller 6 v6.0.0.14 + Crack

 Don’t you hate it that Windows gets slower and slower thelonger you use it? One of the main reasons for this is thatsoftware is almost never uninstalled completely. Most applicationprograms don’t provide enough information for the WindowsAdd/Remove Programs tool to be able to uninstall them properly. Soevery time you test a program and then remove it you have a littlemore junk left over clogging up your computer. After a while yourWindows operating system is like a back yard full of rustybicycles, old beer cans and broken bathtubs.

The Ashampoo UnInstaller application was designed to removeprograms from your system without a trace, allowing you to testsoftware with confidence because you know it’s not going to “dirty”your computer. It makes this easy, monitoring the installation ofnew programs automatically and enabling you to remove themcompletely with a couple of clicks.
But that’s not all � the new version also comes with over a dozenequally easy-to-use tools to help you keep your Windows system assnappy and streamlined as the first day you installed it.
The brand-new Ashampoo UnInstaller 3 is packed with new modules andfeatures, but the most striking change is the completely new userinterface. It’s attractive and modern and it makes the programfaster, easier and more fun to use than ever before. Everything iseasy to find and he program guides you through all operations, withclear explanations on every step of the way.
Most users will never have to consult the help � all theinformation you need is displayed in the program itself where youneed it and when you need it.

Here are some key features of “Ashampoo UnInstaller”:
– Monitor program installation automatically and manually
– Uninstall programs completely, without a trace
– Uninstall programs not monitored by Ashampoo UnInstaller
– Reinstaller � reinstall programs you have uninstalled
– Drag & Drop uninstaller
– Find/Delete Duplicate Files
– Find/Delete Temporary Files
– Find/Delete Empty Folders
– Start Menu Cleaner
– Manage Windows Services
– Manage Internet Explorer Add-Ons
– File Backup
Four new Windows maintenance tools
In addition to uninstalling programs, Ashampoo UnInstaller 3 nowcomes with over a dozen easy-to-use tools for keeping your Windowssystem clean and snappy. The following four tools are new:
Manage Restore Points
Windows XP and later can create backups called “restore points”that enable you to return your system to a previous state withoutlosing any personal data (text documents, email messages, browserhistory and so on). This new tool makes using restore points easy.You can switch automatic restore points on and off, create restorepoints manually and load restore points to return your system to anearlier state.
Defragment Hard Drives
Keeping your hard drive defragmented speeds up Windows and can helpto prevent errors. This new module uses Ashampoo’s widely-praiseddefragmentation technology to keep your drives tidy so they delivermaximum performance. It’s fast, reliable and easy to use. Justselect the drive and go, and you can interrupt or abort the processsafely at any time.
Registry Cleaner
The Registry is the database where Windows and application programsstore most of their settings. This is one of the main places wherejunk from partially-uninstalled programs collects and clogs up yoursystem. The Registry Cleaner finds and deletes this garbage,including the junk left by programs removed before you startedusing Ashampoo UnInstaller.
Check Installed Programs Entries
Sometimes you will find entries for programs that no longer existin Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel. This newmodule finds and allows you to delete these orphaned entries,including the ones that are not even displayed but are stillwasting space and resources on your system.
Other new functions and improvements
In addition to all the improvements in the main program functionsseveral of the other tools have also been updated:
Internet Cleaner
This tool deletes all traces of your browsing activities and yourbrowser’s temporary Internet files (copies of everything you haveviewed online). You can also view and delete cookies (little datafiles for tracking and settings) that sites you have visited havestored on your hard drive. The new version now supports Firefox aswell as Internet Explorer and finds more browsing data.
No more Easy/Expert mode switch
The program is now so user-friendly that there is no more need toswitch between beginners’ and experts’ modes. Experienced usersstill have full access to all the powerful functions they need.
Manage Fonts
By popular demand the Manage Fonts tool that was removed in version2 has been reinstated. You can view all the fonts installed on yoursystem along with all the specifications information for each fontand remove any fonts you no longer need.
Step-by-Step Assistant update
The popular Step-by-Step assistant that guides you throughinstalling and uninstalling programs has been updated and is noweven easier to use.
Standard features and functions
Of course the new version also includes everything that has madeAshampoo UnInstaller so popular with savvy Windows users ever sincethe first version:
Installation Monitor
A taskbar program that automatically activates when you install anew program and logs the installation so that you can remove itcompletely with Ashampoo
UnInstaller later.
Changed your mind about removing a program? The Reinstallerrestores the removed installation in seconds you don’t have towaste your time going through the entire complex installationprocedure again.
Drag & Drop Desktop Uninstaller
Get rid of programs fast by dragging them onto the UnInstaller iconon the deskop. Great for programs you were just testing.
Windows management tools
In addition to the four new tools, Ashampoo UnInstaller 3 alsocomes with Internet Cleaner, Find/Delete Duplicate Files,Find/Delete Temporary Files, Find/Delete Empty Folders, Start MenuCleaner (locate invalid entries in the Windows Start menu), ManageWindows Services (display, activate and deactivate Windowsservices), Manage Internet Explorer Add-Ons and File Backup (makebackups of files and folders).
Monitor program activity

Installer Size: 19.6 MB

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