Sun. Nov 27th, 2022
Drive SnapShot v1.45.0.17699 Crack


Software Description: Drive SnapShot v1.46.0.18023 Keygen Crack

Drive Snapshot is an application that allowsusers to take a snapshot of all data present on their computer, andsave it to the hard drive in one single file. If somethingunexpected happens to your computer like a hard disk crash, gettinga virus that cannot be removed with an antivirus and so on, you canrestore everything to the way it was in just a matter ofminutes.
The tool will not only save files that you have created like Worddocuments, pictures and movies, but also your operating system, allinstalled programs, data and security attributes. And probably themost impressive feature is that you can do all this while Windowsis running and you continue to work.

This software tool enables you to save all your data quiteoften, so that you can prevent loss of important information. Inorder to backup, you can use any device suitable for file storagelike your local drive, a network drive, any removable drive orcloud storage.

You have to keep in mind that the speed at which you are able tocreate a backup will depend mostly on the amount of information youare trying to save and your computer’s performance. This means thatsaving everything you have may take anything from a few minutes toa few hours.

The interface of this program is very simple and intuitive, yetslightly outdated. It contains just a few buttons and a pane todisplay detected drives and therefore, any type of user will beable to work their way around this app.

To sum up, Drive Snapshot is a helpful piece of software when itcomes to creating a backup for all information on your PC. It has agood response time and a simple-to-use environment. CPU and memoryusage might be, at times, a bit high, yet this is to be expectedfrom this type of tool.

Installer Size: 5.9 MB

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